Set 301 Permanent Redirection in WordPress .htaccess / Plugin

Redirecting broken links to other posts in wordpress can be done using many wordpress plugins. Today I would reveal two methods to customize 301 permanent redirection in wordpress using redirection plugin and editing .htaccess method.Changing permanent post url is really a bad idea. But it’s always a big headache if you change permanent post link and you should be ready to face all crawl errors in google webmaster tools and fix them. So I always suggest you not to change permanent link of your published blog posts. Before we get into 301 redirect just take a look at what is 301 redirection?

set 301 permanent redirection in wordpress plugin

set 301 permanent using redirection wordpress plugin

What is 301 Redirection?

Permanent redirection is changing post link to another link permanently is known as “301 Redirection“. It is easy to setup 301 redirection in blogger blog. There are four types of redirections.

  • 301 – Means moved permanently – no problem to your page rank – can use new link ( Might be for seo or short )
  • 302 – Found – The link is temporarily not changed to different url – user can continue to use old url
  • 303 - You see other – Found user different url – new url that is not a substitute for original requested url.
  • 304 – Temporarily Redirected – continue to use original url

When it comes to wordpress as expected we need to use a plugin named “Redirection wordpress plugin” to add 301 permanent redirect. Just download redirection wordpress plugin and install it by migrating to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload. Install and activate it.


Now go to Tools >> Redirection. Click on Add New Redirection, then paste your old url in source link and then your new url in Target link and hit Add Redirection. Now you have successfully replaced it. This 301 redirect using redirection plugin.

redirection wordpress plugin

Now second method, add 301 redirect using .htaccess in wordpress. Let’s edit .htaccess file in wordpress . Now you can do it if you have WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin.   You can also download wordpress seo by yoast wordpress plugin and install it. After installing and activating it. Go to SEO >> Edit files from your left navigation in wordpress dashboard. Then just scroll down and you see .htaccess file with some default code their.

add redirection in .htaccess file by yoast in wordpress

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Now you need to add a small piece of code at end of defaul code to redirect from one post to another. Just add

Redirect 301 /old-post-url/

  • Redirect 301  – This is telling to redirect /old-post-url/ to new url
  • Make sure you have not included your websites link in first redirection link, must use ( / )
  • This is an easy way to edit .htaccess file and add 301 redirect.

Now you have done 301 redirect in wordpress by both .htaccess method and plugin method. In our next post I would tell you how to redirect 404 broken links to homepage in wordpress.


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    Thanks Rag for this article, i had always want to do a 301 redirect and have been having some difficulties, but with this your method, i know i will certainly do it for free without any problems.

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