7 Important Reasons Why Your blog Gets Deleted

Why my blog is deleted ? Why my blogger blog is not found? These were the searches what you would be doing if you don’t follow the below mentioned reasons. You might have well know about google and blogger. And also familiar to the concept of blogging. Despite of this advanced and latest world many have come forward to spread their knowledge to this latest world. And you might remember that daily a number of blogs would be created in a world of blogger, which is maintained by google. Blogger is owned by Google, which is a free platform designed for self-expression, communication and freedom of speech for the people. This makes Blogger the most popular blogging platform in the whole world. And also google with it.

This is a big advantage for the user who choose blogger for blogging. So this is fine because of many benefits. You are suppose to create a account on many links webmaster tools, google +, blogger and gmail all in one including youtube. And importantly search engine is google. Google would make this sure better if your blog is optimized for better SEO.

Why blog is not accessed and deleted
Why your blog is deleted?

But blogger also kept a strict rules regarding usage of blogger. It highly maintaining good talk.  And it asked us to keep its guidelines for not getting deleted blogger blog.  A common thing done by Google is simply delete the blog. Many people have worried and asked us why their blogs get deleted even when they haven’t done anything wrong. But remember the answer to the question is always “They done something vioalting Google guidelines and the result came”  by deleting blog. So today let me take up this article for my visitors to learn and get inforamtion on the reasons why google deleted my blog. So in this post, we will discuss all the things that are against Google’s policies and what you should do to avoid them to stay safe.

Important points that you should remember while using a blogger service


You might have seen this issue in many blogs and it is quite important for every blogger. Especially thinking blogging is easy and can be done by copying articles from blogs is the thought of some new bloggers. But remember copies article is always against google. Google has developed a very effective system of controlling this problem as much as it can. Google lowers the rank of copyright violating  and suspends their Google Adsense for that blog. And if you still keep copying, your blog will be deleted. Be aware of this.


Publishing or spreading any kind of violence on your blog is not allowed by Google. The content produced in google must a have usage and non-violence It would not be suitable to people especially kids. Google is used all over the world and it could effect Google’s traffic as it might get banned by some groups if it promotes racism.


Google doesn’t allow anyone to put up images, videos or any type of other content that contain gore/death because that can be very disturbing to a lot of people. For example, you are not allowed to show a horrific accident resulting in death, or someone getting viciously killed by a gun. This is against the rules of government. So stay out with this.


Google wants to keep blogger safe for children. Maintaining this not only helps google but also it was responsiblity to avoid adult content and make the society clean and green. Also Google has set up some very strict laws against adult content. Custom setting should be used to do it. If bloggers who promote adult content don’t mark their blogs as ‘adult‘ from Blogger Settings, you really run the risk of getting it deleted. Pretending on someone


No one would like it if their new computer gets infected with viruses and becomes slow. It is something which no one will appreciate. That is why Google has always forever planed to keep its systems malware free. Google has strictly forbidden any type of malware on Blogger. So if you are spreading malware or impact your readers with any type of malicious code, then you run the risk of getting banned by Blogger.


Spam is a thing which isn’t appreciated by any search engine and this is well know to you. Google is always trying to weed out spam from its roots! That’s why it spends a lot of money to roll out new algorithmic updates almost regularly, and will delete the blog which spams. So out of using spam.


You might gone through all the privacy rules mentioned above and also by google terms and conditions. So breaking them would easily gets deleting your blog. So remember what your doing while blogging. So I think this article helped you.


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