7 Reasons and Advantages of Commenting On Other Blogs

Traffic, traffic, traffic. This is what a blogger dreams all over the night. Every blogger needs traffic. Traffic needs quality and standard. Today let me give you an article on what are the benefits commenting on other blogs? If this is the question and you think commenting on other blogs is waste of time. Then you are missing up the benefits of commenting on other blogs. Every pro blogger know advantages of commenting on other blogs. But what about new bloggers? Don’t worry give you the importance of commenting.

Why should I comment?
Reasons how commenting helps us

Increases network and improves traffic

Commenting on other blogs would make you to interact and improve your circle. Improving circles gives a relationship, that may be in a form of traffic, link exchanging or other reasons. Commenting on top blogs regularly gives a better relation between blog author and you. This makes the authors of top blogs, help you in gaining traffic tips and  be a professional blogger. And make you blogging care successful.


Invitation to sponsored post

Advertising your blog is done. Commenting on other blogs is indirectly posting your blog’s url or link to the your posts. This means the visitors to the top blogs sees your links and visits them. Which is directly known as traffic. Simply advertising is done free of cost. No need to pay. Hope you got me.

Allows guest posts

Now, if people click through to your blog from the useful comment you leave, there are chances that, considering your stats though, that other bloggers would want to write guest articles for you. Thus, increasing your number of loyal readers and people who believe and have trust for your blog.

Getting offers from blog authors

The knowledge of the article is divided into two types. One is the article made by the blog author and the other is the comment section. Many people come and ask there doubts in comments. So you need to respond to the comments. Respond to the comments if you know the solution to the doubts asked by the visitors. This may draw the attention of blog author and he may invite you to write a guest posts on his blog for a pretty amount or including a backlinks which would definitely increase your page rank.

Gets invitation from sponsors

When you comment on top blogs. For example think a sponsor member gone through you comment and clicked it. The click goes through to your blog, and guess what, you have good contents with a quite considerable statistics. They contact you at once for a Sponsored Review of their product, and you get paid for the review. Just commenting on a blog makes you get more and more.


Increases pagerank and backlinks to your site

Commenting on other blogs surely help your blog to rise up. This is the fact. PageRank is one out of many other measure Google uses to rank articles on their search engine, and leaving comments on blogs without the nofollow link tag is a great way of improving and increasing your Page Rank. Not only for Search Engines, Direct Advertisers and people who would love to Sponsor A Post on your blog put PageRank into consideration before contacting you. And this also helps in improving alexa rank.

Why should i comment on other blogs

Traffic increases

Traffic is main thing. The above all mentioned is for the sake of traffic to your blog. And you might have also worried why people are not interacting with you on your blog. Commenting on other blogs increases traffic and search visibility of your blog in google search results.

Now you can see the benefits of leaving comments on other blogs. One thing you should bear in mind while commenting is, always leave comments that contribute to the subject of discussion and not comment  like ‘nice post’ or ‘great post’. This is the key thing to benefiting from commenting on other blog. You have took your time to read this article. Also take your time and start by leaving a comment here.

You have complete reading this article and what to start commenting on blog right now on this article, then you should be able to consider the below important points.

Don’t comment just to comment

Only comment whenyou have something to say. There should be a reason for your comments. State your thoughts on the issue at hand. Ask questions for clarity. Feel free to disagree with the author. Just make sure your comments have a purpose and will add to the discussion.


Be consistent

Commenting on other blogs is something you need to do regularly. A comment here and a comment there won’t result in all of the things that I mentioned above. You should read and comment on other blogs often…perhaps daily.

Respond to comments

Don’t just comment, but respond. If you comment on a blog, and get a response, you should go back and consider responding. This is probably indicates to the section of getting involved and improving your circle by commenting on other blogs. A discussion isn’t just one comment. It isn’t just one comment and one response. It is an ongoing dialogue.

Share something

As we came to know you should share something. Read the complete article. Don’t leave it in middle. And always share your knowledge in comments related to the article you read. Spreading your knowledge is indirectly an impression from author of blog and visitors.

It’s not a rocket

Give it time. All those things I mention above won’t happen quickly. It took me months, if not closer to a year, before I started to see the results. They happen slowly, and are part of a process. You’ll see some of those items develop sooner than others. It’s like farming: you need to cultivate it.

Article By Tharun

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      Thanks for your nice words. Yes, commenting on other blogs is most important and also a part of on-page seo techniques that would give traffic, develop communication, build relations and for a nice comment get a backlink also.

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