How To Change Favicon In Blogger

Favicon is a website icon.  Favicon in blogger is default image looks like letter e with background orange colour one. You can change favicon easily in your blogger blog. The one shown below is default icon of your blogger blog. We have two methods to change our blogs icon. The other method should be used to edit your blogger html.
Blogger default favicon image in blogger

What is a favicon?

Short cut for  “favorite icon,” it is the little icon that shows up in the browser bar before (www) to the website address. Most savvy big-name companies have them, and they use them as a subtle reminder of their iconic brands: This is what if you have a Blogger blog, even if you have a custom domain name, the standard Blogger favicon will show next to your site. So how do you get your own custom favicon for your Blogger blog? It couldn’t be easier.

Top favicon images of popular sites

1. Create or choose a favicon : In Photoshop, create a square file and design a simple icon or logo. You can crop an image, use pre-set brush shapes (like a star), or use an existing logo. Once you are satisfied, resize the image to 16 x 16 pixels and save as a .png or .ico file. Remember to keep it simple, because the final image is so small If you don’t have Photoshop, just google “favicon generator” and a number of sites will help convert an image into the appropriate file.

2. Go to the Layout setting. Find the tab entitled “Favicon” and click “Edit.”

3. Click on edit, you get an option to upload your favicon image. Just browse the directory and upload. After uploading you also get an option to remove. If you want to remove just click remove.

Removing favicon icon in blogger

4. Some of famous sites what there favicon is

Method 2: To change your favicon in blogger

Just login to, from dashboard select your site. Migrate to Template >> EDIT HTML. Find for ” favicon ” then you see a link to your image URL, just replace it with your image link. Make sure you have uploaded it to any of image hosting site or just upload it in a blogger post and get the link to your image and replace it.

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