How To Choose Better Platform Between Blogger and WordPress

WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular blogging platforms used today but we’re sometimes faced with the question of which is better one between blogger and wordpress.I got lots of confusing answers but had to settle with one and that is blogger when I weighed out my options and considered what I actually needed for every blogger. The first blog I started with was a Blogger sub domain which i thought this is the easiest ever compared to WordPress.
choosing better platform between blogger and wordpress

Now, just for the purpose of clarification, As I came to know that you will be able to get the script from as opposed to the free wordpress hosting provided by You could not be able run google adsense unless you upgraded it. But I also realized if you choose wordpress you would have to buy a premium theme and all that. As a newbie. Really, if all you’re looking for is a simple blogging platform to just express your mind then wordpress free hosting is just what you need. There are certain things there which make blog good look like including social plugins. Free wordpress hosting doesn’t allow you to run your own ads though unless you upgrade it. Whereas you can run google adsense and other ads with a blogspot sub domain. Also, you don’t have much control over your blog’s design in WordPress as you can’t edit your template HTML source like blogger.

how much do you pay for website

With a self-hosted wordpress blog you have lots of advantages over blogger, this is true, but that doesn’t imply that blogger is that bad either. With a self hosted worpress blog, you can do whatever you like with your blog because you have total freedom and not limited in anyway and no cost. Free for everything.

You should have a better experience on webhosting, know what FTP (file transfer protocol) and cPanel if you are thinking about owning a wordpress blog. This isn’t the case with blogger, you can be a complete admin and still have a nice looking blog with blogger.

A self hosted wordpress allows you to host files for download and attach it with your blog posts they can be uploaded by FTP SERVER, but you can never do this with blogspot this is a big con for some people not everyone. The only types of files allowed are pictures and videos. Where as any other other files should be linked to hosting servers. LIke, fileshare , rapidshare and you would have much more I garentee you that I will post on my future posts a link about these file sharing and choosing the best. Make sure you keep visiting my blog.


Blogger is totally free unless you want to use a custom domain which costs around just $10 in INDIAN AMOUNT IT WOULD BE RS.560 approximately, per year but you need to pay for hosting and a domain name for a wordpress blog.

As I told you Blogger offers you unlimited bandwidth which you’re not even paying for that. This makes your site available all year round and you can have all the bla bla there. But if you’re on a limited hosting plan, your wordpress blog might become unavailable when you have too much visitors and exceed your bandwidth and this is what many people worried about wordpress.

In some sense, wordpress seems easier than blogger. For example, you only need to add new features to a wordpress blog by installing a plugin but the case is different with blogspot, you have to edit your template regularly and then this seems to bit hard because many people worried about htmls but you need not to fear about this.

Does your blogspot (blogger) gets any problems in future ?

If this is the question I need to say. Yes, Failure to comply with google’s terms of service might get your blogspot blog deleted be careful, hence, you have no choice and sometimes it gets limited by google’s TOS. Like I said earlier, hosting your own wordpress gives you total freedom unless you have problems with your web host.

Using blogger saves you the trouble of worrying about malwares and viruses and you still have some security except your google accounts gets hacked which is unlikely if you can take basic security measures. Whereas you should know a bit of internet security to protect our wordpress blog as any scamers might make you lose your blog.

Now, if you’re still wondering which one of the two blogging plaforms is better, you need to read this article again and choose the best on your own. Take a critical look at your skills and what do you need a blog for. This site is hosted with blogger but I dont to get into wordpress and I don’t have even a thought of it Right now, I’m still loving it with blogger and you can start a free blospot blog now if you haven’t and make sure keep visiting my blog. And also share what’s your opinion regarding this.

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