Get All Your Emails To One Regular Email By Forwarding

The thing what I have found is that many people are creating a number of email accounts on different sites and using it for different purposes. For example A student creates a particular email for his personal work like get notifications on his might be scholarships or news regarding class updates and also might something more. The above mentioned example seems to be fit for student. Whereas what about employees yes he or she has to go for more because one is his/her personal email id and the other for office use and also one more to get notifications for job updates and much more. Because people are trying to shift from one place to anther where they get there maximum income  And it has been a fashion to use signature in emails to get publicize easily.

How to get all emails to one regular email

So as part of me. As I am a student and need to work for my blog , scholarships , and my personal account to get enabled for ads and much more. Sometimes I have not the right email id. So created other one and tried to engage both and found something better in another site. This happens only to the people who spend there time mostly on internet. If you are a member of this then you should be able to go for this. Are else if are using only one email then this article is not for you. But still you want to know then go for the below guidelines.

Get all emails to one email

In this article I am using two emails Ex:  “A” and “B” both from google account. I mean gmail accounts. I will give an idea how to get the emails from account “A” to the account “B”.

  •  Firstly Open Your Gmail Account of  (“A“) .
  • Go To Setting (at right top corner you find this click on it and click settings).

Setting in gmail

  • In The Setting Menu Go To Forwarding and POP/IMAP

  • Then Click On ” add a forwarding address
  • Then Enter Email of  “B
Custom email setting to forward all emails
  • It asks for conformation click proceed 
  • Then in Forwarding and POP/IMAP it asks for verification code to be entered.
  • Open your account “B” and see that you have received an email with  code and copy that code and paste in “A” Forwarding and POP/IMAP and click verify. 
Note : Recently gmail made its verification and other settings to be strict and this feature would be activated successfully after 4-7 days of time. So after completeing all your process. Wait for a week to get this feature in your gmail.

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