How To Start A New Blog Guide To Beginners

Today guide to start a new blog.  I targeted more on blogger a free platform that includes free hosting to your content and images. Blogger a platform to be known by every blogger in blogging. Blogging seems to be hard and tough job. Why? There are many reasons I could point out right now. But a personal experience would give you more than I explain

Want to start a blog? Here is guide to begineers

What is Blogging?

Blogging is nothing but sharing. Sharing indicates spreading. So blogging can be done for free and for charge. So you can get into world of blogging . Blogging can be done in any topic. You may choose what every you want, but try to have a knowledge on your topic. Blogging can be used for free, for fun, for entertainment and many.

Choose perfect topic in blogging

As as I told blogging can be good for any topic you choose. But you need to get success in it. If you take a look at alexa ranked blogs. You find more blogs related to blogging and technology gets good rank. Even you can earn money more from these niches.(topic choosen is known as niche). So go for good blog topic and keep writing.

Earning money from blogging

Yes, What you heard is true. You can earn money from blogging. How much money? Hmm it seems to be a complicated question. Blogging gives you as much as you wish. But everytime no. When blogging starts giving you, no one can stop it again. But I mean you can be a millionaire. Dropping your jobs and working in blogging doesn’t mean you earn more income from blogging. Blogging pays you to meet you needs, like pocket money and a bit more. But remember only you get success in blogging.

Multiple niche is good?

Multiple niche means making a blog all at one place. Your blog may contain all entertainment, blogging field, SEO, Social Media, Jobs related , Education and many. These all at one place, sounds good. But what about following? These doesn’t help you to improve you followers. Google Adsense advertising program pays you if you displays their ads in your blog. But multiple niche is hard to get accepted. So don’t go for a blog with multiple niches. Using multiple topic would not give you a good keywords targeted. So?

If you are interested multiple niches then go for multiple blogs each at one place. But not all in one place. Traffic is one of tough subject in blogging. It involves knowledge and hard work. More than what you are expecting.


  1. Use sitemap submission to webmasters
  2. Use social media
  3. Learn On-Page and Off-Page SEO

What still worried how to create a blog. Then create a new blog in blogger. Check that link. It would help you. Happy Blogging.

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