Choose Permanent Link To Your Blogger Posts

Today let us learn how to choose a permanent link to your posts in blogger. Choosing a permanent link to blogger post is quite simple. The only problem is that you need to know where the option appears. Before knowing that, let me explain you what is the use of this permanent link to blogger post? You might have heard a word SEO and it is quite complicated. Because SEO standards for search engine optimization. Google and other famous search engines use this to display search results.Search engines use to crawl your site using robots.txt file title of your blog post title and this fixed url of blogger posts find your content. By making an SEO-friendly link, it helps to make your post quickly visible in search engines.


Normally, Blogger will take your title and create a permalink from it, so people sometimes spend a lot of time trying to write an SEO-friendly title. Now just create the SEO-friendly link you want and title the post how you want, two separate decisions.

 How to choose permanent link to blogger posts

See the above image. Inorder to create your permalink, go to the Post Settings on the right side of your post, click “Permalink,” and choose “Custom Permalink.” In the space below, create your permalink and click “Done.” Be sure to do this before publishing your article for the first time.

Choose permanent link to post in blogger

NOTE : You can can’t give the space and use it for your blogger posts. You can use all the three shown below. It is highly recommended you to choose hyphen. The symbol for hyphen is  ”  –  ” 

– ( hyphen )

_ ( underscore )

. ( full stop )

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