How To Create A Facebook Fan Page For Blog / Business

Let Me Share A Tutorial On Creating Your Brand/Product/Personal Fan Pages Using Facebook. Facebook being the most fastest sharing social networking site in now a days. So many people are so enthusiastic to create a page and spread there product or what ever else in facebook. The page you gonna create is a big thing because there are many users using facebook. And facebook  providing the companies and organization to spread there page and stay tunned with the product or other updated. So as this is the time to create a facebook fan page. Even blogger can do this for there site updates. So This is really a major thing in gaining traffic to there blog

Every blog admins are creating facebook pages and started spreading there updates. Many other use some of social networking sites like. Google + , Twitter and much more. So as this is important for blogger let me give you a tutorial in creating facebook pages for your websites.

Let me tell you the interesting thing is that facebook is now providing a direct url to your facebook page.  Its means you can directly change use your brand or website name as your facebook fan page url.

Ex: is my facebook fan page. It’s looks great if you have brand and use in facebook. Getting into tutorial. All you need to have to create a facebook page for your website is

  1. Facebook Account
  2. Plan For What You Need To Create Your Account
  3. And a blog ( if you dont have create a beautiful looking blog in blogger)

Before getting into tutorial let me discuss the benefits of having a facebook fan page.

And The only Drawback is that :

  • You Get Addicted To Facebook haha this is exactly what everyone is doing.

First go to and login into your account if you have else create a new account
if you already have a account then your can goto then login in to you acount.

STEP 1:  You find this page on facebook and Choose your category

Facebook fan Page -1

STEP 2 :

Facebook fan Page -2

STEP 3: After fill you details you will be redirected here. Choose photo if you want keep it.
               two options you can import from computer or website.

Facebook fan Page -3

STEP 4 : You can fill the details of the your page

Facebook fan Page -4

STEP 5 : If you want your page to get circulated in facebook just enable ADS and go for  the rest of the process or else just skip this step.

Facebook fan Page -5

STEP 6 : You will be redirected to your page and hope you have would be having good time.

Note: Sometimes facebook does not allow to keep a prefered username like . Bloggerbulk is my username in facebook, facebook need to know that the page created is popular. So facebook may not allow you keep, your particular url for you fan page. You need get alteast 25 likes, later you can change. Read here: How to change facebook fan page after getting 25 likes.

This is brief tutorial on creating a facebook page. Hope you are done. Let me know if you have any question regarding this. Please comment below.

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