Advantages of Joining Blogging Communities

Have you not yet tried using best blogging communities? If yes, you are missing great knowledge in your field. As I told in my previous post that blogging communities don’t have perfect niche. So you are free to join and share your blog posts and get traffic. Not only traffic you still have many advantages that will push you to join blogging communities.

blogging communities to join promote

Advantages of joining Blogging Communities :

  • Free Traffic to your blog
  • Quality blog posts will be approved and you enjoy quality knowledge
  • Free backlinks to your submitted blog posts
  • Social Networking site contains, messaging, adding friends and much more
  • Chance to meet best bloggers all over the world
  • No Niche. Almost every quality sites are welcome.
  • Helps in Fast Indexing in Search Engines
  • Boost Sales
  • Easy to find Giveaways

PageRank and Alexa Benefit:

You know page rank improving and alexa rank improving plays most important role in our present blogging world. Alexa and PageRank matters more. How joining blogging communities help in improving alexa rank and page rank?. If you get the point about alexa rank and how it works? You might have understood that, traffic with alexa toolbar installed would help you increase alexa rank quickly. Yes. Who need alexa toolbar..? It’s us, bloggers and webmasters.

Definition :

“A blogging community is a social networking site, with professional bloggers and webmasters all over the world, join to share blog posts, to communicate, to help other bloggers and to develop relationships”

So if you have quality content and get published, you will understand how traffic and backlinks start flowing to your site. As registered users are bloggers, they may link your article in their blog posts if you maintain and quality posts. So this helps in getting backlinks from high pr sites and help in improving page rank.

Get Extraordinary Ideas:

Very common known problem in blogging, on what topic we should write? As bloggers have many topics getting into mind to choose, blogging community is the best way to choose best topic to write blog posts. As blogging community is library of all type of niches, like health, blogging, seo, gaming, fashion, software reviews and much more.., bloggers can easily get best ideas for writing quality blog posts.

Quality Knowledge :

Quality Knowledge, is easily acquired while reading posts, sorry quality posts. As blogging communities welcome quality blog posts, if you read them you get quality thought with perfect knowledge about your niche. So gaining you can easily get awesome ideas to write amazing quality blog posts.

Free to Ask Questions:

As blogging communities gather world’s best bloggers at one place, you would be allowed to send them private messages and ask related stuff you need. So blogging communities help to clear your doubts by asking professional bloggers.

Money Making Exposure :

You know mostly bloggers enter into blogging for making their living with blogging. Some enter for fun, for learning and some for flipping. So, internet has many ways to make money online. The only thing that matters is, we should know how to make money online with our blog or skill or any other. So, using blogging communities you learn ultimate ways to make money online.

Blogging Community Guidelines :

Before you start using any blogging community, you should remember that, no spam and no breaking of their terms and conditions. Blogging communities clearly state that if a user spams in their community, data related to them would be reported global database that would take serious action on spammer.

Success Tips to Get Published In Blogging Communities :

So, if you don’t get up votes you mean you have very low quality content. Think about quality before you click on Publish button. Blogging Communities have two ways to publish your submitted post. You need Upvotes and Karma score.

Upvotes : Depends on quality contentΒ Karma Score:Β  Karma score depends on your activity in blogging community. You need to regularly visit that blogging community, vote others, comment on other posts and share them in your social media.

So admins of blogging communities set upvotes count and karma score to publish your post. This how you should manage doing well in blogging communities to get published and to be top in homepage. So these are the best advantages of joining blogging communities. Let me know what you think about joining blogging communities? Is it worth to join or not…? Drop a comment. I am eager to hear from you.

Article By Tharun

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  1. says

    Hello Tharun. I tried voting a hundred times in Blogengage to earn awards. But since Brian deleted thousands of links, my votes were gone too and my awards. Nevertheless, Blogengage helped me increased my Alexa Rank

    • says

      Surely BlogEngage is perfect madam, but even I too asked Brian sir and he told about broken links. Any how it’s all about traffic and ranking you got it. πŸ™‚

  2. says

    Hey Bro,

    This is really a great information for all the Bloggers. I personally feel that Blogging Communitie provides us lots of exposure and attention of audience. All the points you described in this post are just awesome and i hope lots of people are going to learn many things from here. Keep sharing Bro πŸ™‚

    • says

      Hello Amit brother,

      Surely we should join blogging communities to get into popularity and traffic. Surely I can say there are more benefits then what we think in joining blogging communities.

  3. Ammar Zeb says

    Yes Tharun Brother, We Can Really Make Our Blog Famous Among People And Specially Other Bloggers By Joining Famous Blog Communities. Moreover, These Blog Communities Provide Us Real And Extra Ordinary Knowledge About Blogging And Also A Friendly Relationship Is Established Between All The Bloggers.

    Thanks For Sharing These Valuable Tips With Us ….

    Please Keep Writing …. πŸ˜‰

  4. says

    Hi Tharun Raj,
    You are absolutely right with words ! I’m also agree, There are many Advantages of Joining Blogging Communities. Blogging Communities are made to discussion & Many Blogger keep share their own views & idea about Blogging so Blogging Communities becomes very important & valuable.

  5. says

    Hi Tharun, Awesome Post. First time i visited your blog and i loved it. Blogging community also a good traffic way to your blog. i hope lots of people are going to learn many things from here. Keep sharing Bro πŸ™‚

    • says

      Hi Prakash,

      Nice to see your here. No blogging community is penalized. On google recent update, guest blogging sites are penalized but not blogging communities. It is worth to join each community I mentioned in my previous post. As per your request, join dosplash,, kingged, klinkk

  6. says

    Hey Tharun,You are right.The Blogging communities are the most preferable media which helps the blogger to get more and more traffic,Comment and popularity also..For exchanging Communication with various blogger,the main profit is that we can express ourselves in the Blogsphere..I appreciate all of your points..

    Thanks for sharing..

    • says

      Hi Salim,

      Surely we can express our selves to blogsphere. Joining blogging communities helps us to freely promote our blog without spending a single penny. So traffic, getting popular, alexa, page rank and even getting comments all are done with blogging communities.

      Thanks for your comment keep visiting.

  7. says

    Some great reasons to join blogging communities, Tharun!

    I should add that “building relationships” is the best reason in my opinion to join a blogging community.

    And thanks for being active on Klinkk! πŸ™‚

  8. Mohammed Ali says

    Excellent post Tharun, Community blogging are the great way to share and build relationships to generate organic traffic. Keep posting Tharun. All the best

    • says

      Hi Mohammed,

      Build relationship with bloggers helps in many factors. Surely we get more organic traffic as links seems to be dofollow mostly from all communities. So we have many benefits to join blogging communities

  9. says

    As a blogger its advisable to join as many blogging communities as one can manage. The benefits are enourmous as your article has rightly explained. I am a member of a good number of blogging communities such as Kingged, Blokube, Blogengage, Klinkk, BizSugar, DoSplash etc.

    I have made good friends from there and i have also promoted my blog on such platforms and have driven good amount of quality traffic and engagements from such communities.

  10. says

    Hi Tharun, While in theory blogging communities can be a great way to build relationships with fellow bloggers, you do need to be very careful of which ones to use. Many are not as strict as they claim and there are a lot of spammy posts. However if you can join the good ones then it is worth the effort.

  11. Faizan Asad says

    yes because if you trust them above the limit they can damage your products so jon the communities and don’t trust anyone over the limit

  12. Purushottam Kadam says

    Very nice post
    after reading out this article I think I need to joining all those communities to increase
    blog traffic and get some new readers to my blog
    thank you for the great work

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