Alternatives to Youtube – Best Sites To Watch Videos Online

You well know the importance of watching videos online related to tech, studies, tutorials and much more. Each and every user especially new users browse and watch hundreds of videos for their requirements. So I collected some best sites to watch videos online. Which is also applicable to “Best Alternatives To Youtube“. Many video hosting sites are developing rapidly these day to give their best to video lovers.

 Alternatives To Youtube - Sites To Watch Videos Online
Alternatives To Youtube – Sites To Watch Videos Online

So going for few questions like best site to watch videos online? Answers is “Youtube“.  If I ask you “best online sites to watch movies?”  Answer may also be youtube. And also you well know about this question “best site to watch tutorials online” obviously it is youtube.

Everyone says youtube as answer for any question related to video tutorials. Even you might have seen many advertising companies tag a link below their banner or logo like watch this episode at “” and many more, it shows the popularity of youtube. But what about similar sites like youtube? Do you think they are not good for browsing videos? No. There are many alternatives to youtube, which are better in some field when compared to youtube. Let’s go ahead and have a look at top video sharing sites including youtube.

List of Alternatives to youtube goes as follows :

1. Youtube

Youtube is well used video sharing site all over the world. You might have known its popularity and found many facts about youtube. Google, number one ranked website all over the world maintains it. Youtube came into live in the year 2005. Youtube is well used for watching movies, learning tutorials, checking for entertainments and much more categories. Youtube also pays you, if you have good video and made youtube users satisfied.

Youtube Homepage
Youtube Homepage

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is not strict about videos. Youtube is capable of removing your videos if they found them violating terms and conditions. But you need not worry about your videos in dailymotion. Dailymotion do not remove your videos. Now you can enjoy 2 GB size and 60 minutes long videos in dailymotion.

We can surely say this would be the next option after youtube. It is one of top 100 sites all over the world based on alexa ranking.

Dailymotion - Homepage
Dailymotion – Image Credit

3. Metacafe

Metacafe was established in 2003. Metacafe is user friendly video sharing site. User have options similar to youtube like choosing video size with quality.  Metacafe is other best alternative to youtube to get good traffic untied states to your site. It is attracting more than 50 million users daily to stream videos on their site.

Metacafe Homepage - Image Credit
Metacafe Homepage – Image Credit


4.  Flickr

Flickr owned by yahoo. You well know about yahoo. Then why not Flickr? Flickr was good for photo sharing site. But recently Flickr updated to video and photo sharing site in may. This was really a good upgrade made by yahoo. Now you can use Flickr to store your videos and photos up to 1 TB and enjoy their services.

Flickr video site
Flickr video site

5. Vimeo

Vimeo is created by filmmakers. Vimeo is really a good and also best alternative to youtube. It welcomes mostly all professional filmmakers to join vimeo. The design of vimeo is also very attractive. It helps users to find videos easily by community projects and groups.

Vimeo Hompage
Vimeo Hompage

6. UStream

Utream well heard name in the side of live streaming. Ustream allows you to create your own broadcasting channels with own lives shows. It also have some features like allowing people to join video chats, and sorry for this, it don’t have live text chat.

ustream homepage
Image Credit –



Blip tv is one of the video sharing / social networking service that is totally different. Blip tv has some quite awesome features like searching videos by category. You can also subscribe to get instant updates without missing any of your favorite episode. If you want to produce any video, you can create and advertise as trailer. homepage
Image Credit –

8. Veoh

Veoh has some great features like uploading long videos. It resembles youtube like video site. So you can say best site to upload long video and short videos like youtube. You can easily share full length movies also. It has smart UI and easily loads long videos also.
Veoh Homepage


Hope the above list is quite reasonable to best alternatives to youtube and also best sites to watch videos online. I personally like Youtube , Metacafe and dailymotion. These are just awesome. Some online video hosting sites are also good. If you ask me why they don’t get success? There are few reasons that a site should be considered. You know google became famous when it refined the search even we type spellings mistakes. And it is followed in youtube. Where as some sites still don’t give the exact result if we type spelling mistakes in our search queries. If I have not added any to the list of these sites comment below and let we know.

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      Hey Ramakrishan,
      Thanks for pointing out. I have not noticed it that video editing helps to share other videos. Any how I hope this list is reasonable to best youtube alternatives. Thanks for your comment hope you would be back again.

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    Even though Youtube is the go-to site for videos, it’s still good to know of these alternative sites. I have used all of them except for and Veoh.

    About Veoh, it’s interesting that they allow long video uploads. Since they are still alive, that means they have been able to wade off obvious copyright infringement cases stemming from people uploading full movies and the likes. Hmmmm.

    Thanks for this, though, Tharun. And thanks to Piyush Mathur, for sharing this on the Internet marketing social networking site –

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