Change Author Comment Style With Dashed Lines In Blogger

Changing author comments style in blogger is quite interesting for many people. Because they just want to change or highlight the author comments in blogger. Ok this quite important for blogger and also recommended to use this in every blog. This is similar to MBT comment system. So let work on this and change author comments into different style in blogger. I have also included live demo for this dotted style author comments. So have a look at it. And also note there are other type of comment system so check them and close a better one to your blog.

Add dashed lines to author comments in blogger
Add dashed lines to author comments in blogger



Live Demo

  1. Login into Blogger
  2. Select your blog if you have many
  3. Then migrate to TEMPLATE –> Click on “EDIT HTML
  4. Then find for </body>
  5. Then copy the below code and paste above it / before it..
  6. Then click on save template .


<script src=’’/>

<!– highlight author starts –>
$(function() {
function highlight(){
.css(‘border’, ‘dashed blue 1px’)
.css(‘background’,’#F0A2A2 url(“”)’)
.css(‘padding’, ’10px’);
$(document).bind(‘ready scroll click’, highlight);
<!– highlight author ends –>

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