Share Blog Posts To Google+ Automatically in Blogger

Blogger now permits to share posts on google+ by default. I mean automatically blogger shares your published posts to your google+ profile page.  Using google+ to generate traffic to your blog, is quite important. Targeting google shows how smart the admin is! Blogger talking steps forward to give touch competition to wordpress blogs, blogger trying to give more improvements. Recently a blogger update have a special enabled option to share posts directly into your profile page using google+

Google + options
Google + options
Share posts to google+ in blogger
Share posts to google+ in blogger



Previously we have set up to promote to share post after posting option, this asks user to share the published post manually. But now under google+, we have special option to publish post automatically to google + . To use this feature just enable option to ” Automatically share after posting ” and check that your post are publish automatically to google +.

Why google+ is important?

Google is considered to be one of the targeted social media that should be considered by every blog admins. Google+ have some special features like using hastags and sending emails to the people in your circles. Enlarging your circle count gives more traffic. Sharing means spreading so never neglect Google because they are considered to be important part of social media.

Some tips to increase traffic from Google +

1. Complete Optimized Profile

Using full and good optimized profile page gives good followers. Google+ permits you to add education details and working details. If you are a website owner just go ahead and your website link. Add profile pic to your account Keeping sharing good news to draw attention of your followers.

2. Using hashtags

Hashtag usage has been increasing day by day. At start no one know the important of using hashtags but now everyone is smart enough to understand and use hashtags in their updates to draw attention to their posts.


3. Participate in sharing

You find many people sharing their related posts so why don’t you. If you love their post share them and give them the benefit of traffic. You would surely get sharing your posts by them. Give them and take from them. Use +1 for your and other posts to attract them to your profile page. That’s what always give good post heading and description to attract users to click on your posts.

4. Grow your circles

Improve circles. Always stay connected with your buddies to get traffic. Join participate in groups and communities. If you develop your circles you get more shares to your posts. Always be a helpful blogger even outside of your blog. This helps to get comments and suggestions to develop your self.

These are the basic tips, there are many tips to improve traffic from google+. I just gave sample benefits of sharing a post in google+.

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