SEO Best WordPress Ping List 2013

What is wordpress ping list? If this question raises, it seems you are new to wordpress. Don’t worry you are like me. WordPress ping list means, wordpress have some special features that would surely get your new blog post to get indexed in search engines. Using ping list, your blog image gets extended to major search engines. Pinging services helps search robots crawl your site perfectly and make a note of updates or edited posts to index them quickly in search engines. You might have a question how to index new wordpress blog posts quickly in search engines? And this surely helps you.

pinging list for seo in wordpress
Ping list in wordpress

How ping services works?

WordPress ping service works, whenever you edit/modify or publish your blog posts, wordpress send the information to all listed major ping services and this helps you to index your new blog post in search engines. This is why you find many new posts get indexed fast in search engines hosted under wordpress. Disadvantage of using this ping list : Ping list works fine so if you edit or modify your published posts, pinging services comes into action and starts pinging. Major change is good but minor changes would affect your blog, marking pining spam. But you need not worry about this if you are using higher versions of wordpress 3.5 because of wordpress new improvements.

How to activate or use ping list?

No need to install any plugin in wordpress. WordPress by default takes care by sending your new blog posts. But why should we settle for a limited list of services. Let enlarge or develop our pining services. Inorder to add a ping list, migrate to >> Settings >> Writings. Under update services you can add a list. Copy the below given ping list and add them below which is by default added by wordpress. Hope you are done in adding a ping list to your new wordpress site.


Best SEO ping list 2013
Best SEO ping list 2013

Hope the above ping list is best for good results. Use also and it is highly recommende. You find many ping list services all over the internet. If I missed up any important ping url add your link/list in comment. We would update it with your list. After adding the shown list click on save changes. You are done!

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      A good question. Let me elaborate. WordPress ping list does not resemble to high page rank urls. Ping services just send your changes to major search engines telling their bots that something has changed from a website and asking to have a look at it. As these ping services are used by many daily they have good page rank too. Hope you got me. Any question still?

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