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Improving blog traffic has many tips like good niche,  perfect keyword inserting in blog posts, commenting and many more. Apart from all these, joining blogging communities are also best way to increase blog traffic fastly. I was probably thinking to share best blogging communities to join, but I was here to make a review of new blogging community that raised for bloggers for any niche. A blogging community is simply the best place to communicate, meet up worlds best pro bloggers, share your blog posts links, join groups, vote up other blog posts and learn many more from other bloggers. Even you can teach others by posting your links.

new blogging community review

This new blogging community has a decent url with name Blogging Community for bloggers. Hey! Just come closer to me and make ears wider, do you know why? I am revealing the secret way how this blogging community is different from others. You might have heard about blog engage. Blog Engage a well known and fast developing blogging community. Let me guess, you might be a member in it.  Right ..?If not no problem. Because this website is designed similar to blogengage site. So you can easily use this Get Blog Traffic blogging community easily with your experience if you are member in blogengage.

If you are new to blogging communities like Get Blog Traffic, and not familiar with Blog Engage then don’t worry I would guide you how to use this community for traffic, getting votes, publishing, developing relationships and bring your blog post to top in homepage.  A blogging community has no niche. Its just a community where bloggers all over the world join to share their blog posts, free marketing and developing relationships.  So here I go, to guide you on ” How to use blogging Communities to get traffic?

Hey! Stop. Are you thinking to improve your blog traffic using this blogging community? Then you should have a account with this community. So just signup for your personal account here. You can also use Facebook or Twitter for signup. Fill details for registration and click on signup. Now after logging in, at right top corner, you find your name, just click on it for drop down options.

Facebook and Twitter Login

In a drop down options, click on Profile  You can customize all your personal details to make your account look like genuine. This helps in getting more followers. So after customizing, I have few ways to explain how to use this blogging community.

login details for blogging community getblogtraffic

So you can see the above image. I would like discuss each, with all of you. Now

Profile :  As I told you in order to make your profile genuine and get more followers., you need to fill up all details, by uploading your genuine profile photo.

Messaging : Messaging here works like emails. If you add others as your friend or into your following list. Then you can easily send private message to them like gmails and others.

send message to admin account

Settings : Settings is important option you have to customize. Settings page contains information regarding which topics you are interested in, to see posts in homepage or find stuff regarding them.

display settings blogging community

Following and Followers : Here you see the list of people whom you are following and whom who have been followed.

Submitted : Find all your post that are submitted to Get Blog Traffic .

Commented : Get information regarding your comments on posts you did.

Upvoted and Downvoted : Upvoted means giving like. Downvoted means giving dislike. But we use the terms upvote and downvote.

down upvoted in blogging

How to Submit blog posts to blogging community?

Now, I have guided you on basic terms you should be known if you are new to use blogging community. Now you need to know how to submit your blog post in blogging community to drive traffic to your blog.  Getting more traffic using blogging communities is easy if you know how to manage them. As I told you, you need to have an account to submit it. Register it here. Now after signing in you see submit image in homepage ( or this submit link ). Just click on it.

submit blog post to blogging communities

Later you would be redirected to submission page, where you can now submit your blog posts with your post url. Make sure you have included http:// or https:// in front of your blog link. And click on proceed.

 submitting blog post to get blog traffic blogging communities

Title of your blog post will be taken by default from your post, if not do it manually. The below are must to get your post submitted.

1. Tags: I think you are familiar in using these tags. So add the most used and best tags related to post. Don’t add waste keywords. Adding bad keywords won’t bring you good traffic.

2. Category :  You can choose best category for your blog post. Mostly I found all categories listed. If you found that any category not listed then choose related category or use contact form to inform admin

3. Description : This is most important part. Only the title and description is most important to drive more traffic to your blog from google and other search engines. So use good description with targeted keywords for your blog post. Description of your post is taken by default you can edit or manually add your own description for more traffic.

After all details filling click on save changes and submit them. Once get good votes to your blog post it will be published and would be top in homepage of this blogging community.

How to make your blog posts published easily?

If you want your blog posts should be published easily then you should remember that blogging communities accept quality blog posts. So if you have quality blog posts you can get more upvote and get published. A post can be published based on two factors, karma and votes.

Votes are the number of likes given by each individual to every to your blog post. Karma depends on commenting, voting and sharing. So if you do regularly participate in commenting and voting other blog posts and interacting with them through commenting. Then surely your karma helps to give good rank to your profile. A good karma with more number of votes, ultimately increases your blog traffic.

Now, as per our request we got few hidden information about this site. Do you know what..? Revealing the number of required upvotes to bring your post top in homepage. So asking the blog admin we can clearly say that not more than 3 votes to your blog post. Yes, what you heard is true. You just need only 2+ votes to get published. If you have quality blog post written, then you post will be published. Remember always you should follow all conditions of this blogging community. Read its Terms and Conditions first before using this. I think the number of votes required may be increased few days after. So stay active with this community at least checking site for 4-5 times a day.

I am happy to write a review for one of the best blogging communities in my blog. Thanks to admin. Hope you would share this post to let others know about this new blogging community. If you want me to write a review on your about your blog. Then contact us.

Article By Tharun

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  1. Ummeed Sinha says

    Thankyou! A great review i can say. Its my first visit in Blogger Bulk and can say i will be stuck to it in 2014.Blog engage is really good to drive Traffic.

    Tharun you really have a great writing style,hope you will come with more new stuffs. But i will suggest you to try to have a video tutorial and your own BB Channel in youtube it would be great.


  2. says

    Thanks for the guide, I knew about Blog Engage but never used it. Get Blog Traffic seems good, will surely try this out. Can we expect good amount of traffic from these communities, w.r.t tech niche blogs.

    • says

      Hi Sekhar,
      Thanks for being here.. Blogging communities surely helps you driving reasonable traffic to your posts. Only varies is how you use it. Mostly get votes and staying top helps you more. That’s why many of users who join communities ask their friends to join and vote their article. So that would help them. No matter what kind of blog it is. Thanks for your comment.

    • says

      Hello Adrian Brother,
      Thanks for commenting here. I welcome to my blog. Hope we know the importance of joining blogging communities. So bloggers are must to join this blogging communities. Have a great day.

    • says

      Hi Pavithra madam,
      Welcome to my blog. I am very much thankful to you for dropping your comment on get blog traffic blogging community review.

      Yes, we got a sponsored post with them and they mentioned on welcome emails to users to understand how to use blogging community group.

      Thanks and glad you found it useful. Keep visiting. Thanks

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