Where and How to build quality backlinks fast?

Thinking of how to build backlinks fast? Where to build quality backlinks fast? Then today you are gonna get some basic tips to build quality backlinks fastly that are working for me. Before we get into building high quality backlinks. I need to take up some information about what are do follow and no follow links?

where how to build quality backlinks fastly to my website

Do Follow: In simple words, Do follow means do trust. Trust means hope, quality. Getting a one do follow backlinks from a site is worth more than getting 100 no follow backlinks.

No Follow: In simple words, No Follow means, just check you may or may not trust. Having 1000 no follow links won’t help you in search engines ranking. So you need to make a note about building quality links.

I have few methods to discuss on building quality backlinks fast and penguin safe.

  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Blogging
  • Forum Posting
  • Promotions
  • Sponsoring
  • High Quality Content

Blog Commenting :

What is blog commenting? Blog commenting can be done by buying blog comments, using blog commenting software, contacting blog commenter and manual link building. I highly recommend not use any blog commenting software to build backlinks. Google got its head on these type of commenting softwares and on the way to penalize blog that developed backlinks with these softwares. Always remeber that your have many advantages of blog commenting on other blogs.

Disadvantages of using blog commenting softwares and commenters:

  • Blog commenting softwares are fixed with some default text to comment. So, admin can easily identify and mark spam on your blog.
  • This will affect your blog in future, even if you try to build backlinks by commenting manually.
  • Blog Commenters are good unless they don’t do against you. But why do you pay them for just commenting? Take 5-10 minutes daily for building backlinks by commenting on commentluv enabled dofollow blogs.

Manual commenting on other blogs will drive traffic, build relationships, exposure to new audience. So before you begin commenting remember three points.

  1. Comment according to post
  2. Don’t comment as “Just to comment
  3. Always go for appreciation of article, for approval of your comment. And include suggestions if necessary.

Guest Blogging :

You know guest blogging is ultimate ways to develop quality backlinks fastly. But the problem raised when Matt Cutts recently stated in twitter, that building backlinks with guest blogging may get penalized. Check matt cutts guest blogging in his latest post. I think guest blog is not dead. And it won’t. Guest posts help us in getting our blog exposure to new audience, bringing fresh traffic that might give follower or likes in social media or subscribers. So I recommend to go for guest posting on other blogs as it has many guest blogging has many advantages. So do guest blogging at least two posts per month.

Forum Posting :

Participating effectively in forum posting is also the best ways to develop quality backlinks+traffic. There are many available, Google them. Forum posting has some good advantages similar to guest blogging. Like exposure to new audiences and traffic. Remember spamming is not tolerated in forums too. You need to answer questions only similar to your blog links. So forms are easy ways to build backlinks fastly. I recommend yahoo answers.

Promotions :

Promotions comes under sponsored reviews. Contacting blog admins to promote their website by writing up new article is also good. By this way you can get some quality backlinks to your site. But the sad thing is, for sponsored review admin ask for money. If you have some money then go them else sign out.

Sponsoring :

If know you think this is similar to promotions. No. A bit changed in way you do it. This is also a paid form of quality link building. This is done by conducting giveaways, sponsoring designers of up coming template/themes. If a quick example look at the below image. You find a blogger template designed by bloggingtipsntricks where as sponsoring link to other two sites.


High Quality Content

No doubt high quality content is must to develop backlinks. If you have some high quality content then people will surely link back to your blog/article when they write similar post related to your link. So maintain high quality content greater than quality content.

So the above are some best ways for backlinks strategy. Always maintain this backlinks strategy, always try to develop more dofollow backlinks then nofollow. And use these tools to check backlinks for your site.  I hope these genuine backlinks strategy for building quality backlinks will help you.

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Article By Tharun

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says


    Good tips! Create really, really good content to boost backlinks fast. Give people something to link to, again and again, and your backlinks will increase.

    Try to help others through each approach. Good karma will be yours.


    • says

      Hi David,
      Thanks for commenting and you should always know about backlinking strategy. The tips will surely help to build quality backlinks for your blog.

      Keep visiting.

  2. says

    Great post about where and how to build quality backlinks fast! I totally agree with you that you shouldn’t use any blog commenting software to build backlinks. It is a good idea to participate effectively in forum posting to develop quality backlinks.

    What is your experience with sponsoring? How many blog comments should I make per week?
    Thanks again! I loved your post!

    • says

      Hi Katrin,
      A warm welcome to my blog..! Sponsoring is fast and awesome way to get backlinks without any work. Because as shown in above image, that template would be downloaded by thousands of bloggers. So you can build quality backlinks with sponsoring unless they remove credits.

      And commenting also helps to get some quality backlinks. There is no count for this. But make sure you comment atleast 15-20 blogs as soon as you publish your article.

      Hope you would be back and thanks for commenting.

  3. Steven J Fromm says

    Tharun, these are some really good tips for your readers. I have tried to use many of them but have not used forums much. I have answered tax questions at the Yahoo site but not much else. I think I will spend more time developing the forum aspect. I wonder if there are some tax forums?

  4. says

    Hello Tharun,
    I am also using these method to create high quality back-links.
    Blog commenting is my favorite technique. I also participate in forum. But most of my time spent on reading article.
    Because of this My new year site get 40lac Alexa in just 8 days.
    and Alexa rank is decreasing day by day.

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