Change ADMIN Username and Password In WordPress

You well know about your username in wordpress. By default you get “Admin” as your username in wordpress. Today our article on how to change admin username wordpress. Before changing username let me remind you why you should change the default username. You need to change admin to some other username because of security.

WordPress blogs are hacked soon when compared to blogger blogs. So it is must use tip to change username in wordpress. Let me elaborate this, hackers target wordpress blogs because they are easy to hack unless they have strong password and good username. How to hack wordpress blogs? If you have this question. I am not explaining in detail because I my blog is not a hacking niche blog. Hacker have some simple and easy software’s or techniques to use and target particular domains. Example please..? Hmm… Brute force methods are used mostly all over the world to target wordpress domains.

How to prevent from this hacking ?

As I told you, you need to have strong passwords. The longer the password the harder to break it. Why to change default admin user name in wordpress? Hackers target a domain with a default username “admin” and use brute force techniques to break passwords. So I do recommend to change username and password in your wordpress blogs. Use password containing alphabets,numbers, specials character followed by full stop ( . ) or comma ( , ). Make sure a strong password is always more than 8 characters. As long as your password is , you are so safe from hacking.


Change admin username wordpress

You probably know many people suggest to create a new account, give admin right to that account and then delete the default admin account. Then you would be safe by changing admin name. This is one method. Now let me give another method to change username from cpanel, php admin.

Using Hostgator :

In this demo, I am using hostgator ( 25% OffCouponbesthostgator25 ) cpanel.

1. Log into your cpanel account it would like

2. After logging in, under Databases, click on phpMyAdmin

PhpMyAdmin in Hostgator
PhpMyAdmin in Hostgator

3. Then you find your database, it depends on your domain settings, if you have one domain you find one. Click on it.

Choosing database in php

4. After clicking on your database, you find all custom settings in your selected database, find for wp_users

Wp user in hosting
Wp user in hosting

5. You get list of users who registered with your blog. Then the first is admin, click on edit

Change admin username
Change admin username

6. Now you find all details related to admin account, then your change user_login to your new username.

change admin default username
change admin default username

7. Then click on Go. You are done. !  If you have any questions drop a comment.

Change log in password in wordpress

Changing log in password is quite simple when compared to changing username admin. No need of cpanel. We can do it manually from our dashboard. Go to Users >> click on Your Profile. Scroll down to you find new password. Just enter new password and click on save.

Change password in wordpress
Change admin password in wordpress

Watch demo video to change admin username:

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