List of CommentLuv Enabled High PageRank Dofollow Blogs

Today I have brought something tasty for bloggers, who are eager to find dofollow commentluv enabled blogs with high PageRank. A recent update of pagerank made many bloggers to worry and many to enjoy with their reasonable pagerank. I am the one who improved my pagerank with pure white hat SEO Techniques. If you have missed my post then read how I managed to improve my page rank quickly. Not so quickly but I think my first update to PR 2 is reasonable.

Any how there might be many reasons for your page rank drop down. But the backlink that pointing to your site is most important to get high page rank. So I am giving you list of High PageRank CommentLuv Enabled dofollow blogs to comment after recent page rank update. Mostly all blogs are commentluv enabled. So, don’t neglect commenting on other blogs. If you do so you surely miss the advantages of guest posting and many benefits of blog commenting. So I recommend to spend time daily in commenting on comment luv dofollow enabled blogs.

list of dofollow high pr comment luv enabled blogs 2014
List of dofollow high pagerank comment luv enabled blogs

Apart from high pagerank blog commenting sites, let we discuss a brief about dofollow links. A link ( hyperlink ) can be divided into two categories. They are no follow and do follow. No follow and do follow links have major importance in all rankings like alexa ranking, page rank, improving domain authority, moz rank, page authority and many other. So a brief explanation on difference between no follow and do follow. No follow link is simply not trusted. If you get a no follow link pointing to your site, Alexa and other sites like google consider this link pointing to your site but it has no worth. So a blog getting no follow has no use. This might be a reasons why you don’t get more comments in your blog post, if you give no follow to comment links. Do follow link means “trust” Any website giving do follow to other sites is telling search engines or ranking websites like pagerank and alexa, that the pointed website is safe and secured, to browse and spend time on it. So do follow links helps in improving your page authority.

List of High PR CommentLuv Enabled dofollow blogs

The below list of High PageRank CommentLuv Enabled dofollow blogs. This list is after pagerank update. So you can have a big boom in these sites by commenting regularly and getting quality backlinks to your site. So never and ever don’t forget to spend time in commenting on other blogs.

Thanks to source site Techwoddy for this awesome list.

Hope the above list of dofollow commentluv enabled blogs for commenting is reasonable. I would update this list as soon as I found new do follow blogs for commenting. So bookmark this page ( CTRL + D ) to visit it daily for upcoming updated list. Also not if you have any blogs that is worth to comment and get dofollow link from that site, you can drop a comment below and we add it after checking that site. Hope you would share this article with your friends.

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    Nice list of commentluv enabled good PR blogs πŸ™‚

    I feel good that most of the blogs listed here are my favorite blogs.

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    Thanks for providing the list. I am a regular reader of some of the blogs mentioned above. The blogs you provided are really useful for readers.

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      Hi Wahed,
      Thanks for your comment. These list of commentluv enabled blogs will increase traffic and develop backlinks to us. So find best commentluv blogs with dofollow.

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    Thank you for your post…just what i need for a long time, i’m new in this field. i need some good commentluv enabled Do-follow strong banklinks to my blog..finally i got it from you.
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      Hi Roy,
      It seems you are new to blogging and commentluv. No worries let me explain.

      Commentluv is a wordpress plugin used in commenting area, where we would get a dofollow or nofollow link to our latest post. Users comment on other blogs to get backlinks for their latest post. Hope you got it. And I am also one of commentluv enabled blogs.

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    Every blogger is seeking for the blogs which have enabled commentluv plugin in their comment section. As we all know it is all about getting back link from that blog. I would like to consider it as a platform by which every blogger can connect with many bloggers like him or may be with many other famous bloggers. I was too searching for some commentluv enabled blogs and came to see the list which you have posted. It is really helpful for every blogger. Thanks for sharing.

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    Actually I did not know about luv. After searching in google I have got your site at first. Realy a great list you have shared. Now I will easily try to get dofollow backlinks with the above given list. Thanks a lot for your great list.

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    Thanks for the most recent list. Commenting on different blogs is neatest thing I like… it helps to grow connections with different bloggers.

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    Thank you Tharun,

    Thank you

    Just came across this list. A very informative post and quite a few on the list that I hadn’t seen. Have bookmarked this and will share with my clients. Thanks.

    Although page rank has less of a factor today than it did say 3 years ago, it is still important. Quality over quantity is key today. We also shouldn’t put all our trust to the search engines either. Utilising the traffic and customers we already have is where the money is. Collect and manage those customers more effectively and you will see better results.

    Of course, No Follow sites should be used but in a slightly different way. Get your links in appropriately and reap the benefits by having an opt-in form and a freebie on your site and gather emails.

    It is also important to say that the effort we all put into getting good quality backlinks is rewarded and not simply wasted. Ensuring that you are only going for backlinks from sites that are relevant to your own niche, product or service is key. No point in getting a backlink from a PR8 Medical website if your own site is selling ladies pink handbags. Google will catch on and you will alienate your visitors. Also very important that the traffic that a backlink generates to your own site is of course captured, funnelled and managed correctly once it arrives to maximize your profit potential. Your list is your profit and your pension, as they say. Thanks again.

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    thanks a lot to sharing this awesome list with us because i am new in blogging so it’s very important to know me the top best site which help me to create my back links. Thanks a lot to sharing this list keep it up we are waiting for new Pr Sites list…………

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