Cool Tips To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

You might have noticed your windows works slowly right. Today let me give this tutorial for you guys to make you PC a bit fast then before. There are many tricks on windows. Previously, I have made an article on how to speed up your computer by deleting some temporary files. Now here are the another cool tips to speed up your computer. Also check how to know if someone accessed your computer when you are away.Let’s enter into the tutorial.

Cool tips to speed up your computer
Cool tips to speed up your computer

Step 1: Speed up computer by changing some settings

1. Goto Start –> Run ( Shortcut key :   WIN + R )

2. You get a window then type  ” msconfig  ” in it, and hit ENTER

Run command to deleted temporary files

3. Then you get system configuration window, click on Start Up

4. Customize the start up applications. Note make sure don’t include that you don’t needed. The more you  include may lead to slow down of your computer. After selecting click on Apply

Control start up applications in windows

5. Then click on services you also find many applications there.

6. This is important donot edit if you don’t know what the exact function of the application. Don’t play with services, do it only if know them and sure you don’t need them. After customizing setting click on Apply

Step 2 : To make your computer fast

  • In search type  ” system ” and click on the System option displayed in the search results


  • Then click on Advanced system settings

Advanced system settings in windows

  • Then go for HARDWARE  –>  click on DEVICE MANAGER
Hardware settings in windows
  • In device manager you will be able to get your system drivers. Remember you can just disable them if your don’t really need them. And also you have an option to uninstall. But I recommend you to use disable function.
  • Don’t change any thing if you don’t know what the function of the driver is.

system settings in device manager

  •  Now go for ADVANCED TAB, in advanced tab click on settings. There you would be able to customize all the graphic setting that slows your PC or computer. If you have a RAM of 4 GB, I suggest this is optional. Click on the image for better view.

performance options in windows

For a better performance go for Adjust for best performance or you go for custom and customize your own setting to speed up your PC. Here you will be able to customize transition effect , shadow effects and other.


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