Create Image Sitemap In WordPress And Submit To Google

Generate image sitemap in wordpress to make search engines crawl your blog effectively. You can use this image sitemap and submit it to google to get listed in google image search results. Not only a good content but also a good image used in good content helps to drive traffic from search engines. Many people use google image search to get exact search results. Like a professional looking author widget for blogger would give a good image and user may land to the referral site by just seeing the image if he is interested.

create image sitemap for wordpress
Generate image sitemap in wordpress

So remember to give importance to image sitemap also. There is a good wordpress plugin to create image sitemaps for your blog. You can submit image sitemap to google as well as bing. You may find only few images indexed from your blog in google. So I recommend to use this image sitemap generator plugin and submit to google webmaster tools. Plugin named Udinra All Image Sitemap is good to use for image sitemaps.

Udinra All Image Sitemap Specials :

Udinra all image sitemap plugin has some good features like

  • Create a gZip version of sitemap
  • You can ping, and for image sitemaps
  • Auto update available for new posts.
  • This plugin updates you new image sitemap automatically after publishing your new blog post.

After downloading this plugin you can easily migrate to Plugins >> Add New >> Select Upload.  Now go to your download directory, upload and activate it. Now you are ready to use this udinra plugin. Inorder to access the settings for this plugin just go to Settings >> Udinra Image sitemap . You find all the custom options of udinra plugin and make them as shown in below pic.

create image sitemap for wordpress
Image sitemap from Udinra All image plugin

After selecting all options click on create sitemap. Give few seconds and your new image sitemap is ready for your wordpress blog. Now if you want to access your image sitemap use this link >>

Submit your image sitemap to google :

Submit your image sitemap to google webmaster tools after logging in, click on your site, click on sitemaps and then on add sitemap and add sitemap-image.xml  see the below image.

Add image sitemap in google webmasters
Add image sitemap in google webmasters

Now you are done by adding sitemap to google webmaster tools. Hope the ping back helps to get listed in bing and ask. If not do it manually by submitting your sitemap to bing webmaster tools like normal sitemap submission.

Why my images not indexed in google :

Because you have not optimized images for SEO. Don’t upload your images with a numbered named like D1232423.jpg this is not seo friendly image. So remember always you need to optimize your wordpress images for SEO to get listed in image search results. Name related to content/post like submit image sitemap.jpg this helps to get indexed well. Don’t forget to use alt tag as it is an important factor of seo regarding images. Read  image optimization tricks. That post was used for blogger but the same applies in wordpress. Any questions drop a comment we help you.

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