How to Create New Youtube Channel with Same Email Account

Youtube now permits to create second another youtube channels with same email id. Today we will learn how to create new youtube channel with same email account. Previously we are unable to create second youtube channel with same email account. Youtube restricted us to use only one channel per account, but now it changed its rules and now permitted to created more channels with one email account. You can also add clickable google+ link button on your youtube videos.

#1. Log into youtube, with your gmail username and password.

#2. After logging you find your name/email id/channel name at top right corner. Now click on it.


#3. In a drop down menu, click on All My Channels.

#4. Now you find your youtube channel listed there, click on “Create A New Channel” button on right.


#5. You would be redirect to new channel registration page, fill New Youtube Channel name, choose category, accept terms and conditions and click on Create.

#6. You are done..!

Video Tutorial :

If you still have problem in creating new another youtube channel with your same email id account, watch the below video

Drop a comment if you still have problem in creating second youtube channel.

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  1. says

    This is pretty cool. Usually people have to create another email, just for the sake of setting up another Youtube channel. Is there any limit to the number of channel we can create per email account?

    • says

      Hi Rudd,
      Thanks for your comment. We should say thanks to youtube for permitting us to create more than one youtube channel with same email id / account. We can now easily create second youtube channel without any errors. And I am not sure about the channels count permitted for each account, but I will soon update it.

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