Add Custom Robots Header Tags In Blogger

Blogger taking a setup forward in setting up custom robots header tag in blogger, is really helpful. As new blogger are worried about SEO. Editing these header tags in your blogger custom setting would boost up your search visibility.  As it was a talk that blogger is lack of custom SEO settings compared to wordpress. But not now. Adding robots.txt file in blogger and these header tags, followed by a meta description would surely give competition to wordpress in a field of SEO preferences.Making wrong in these setting would make your blog, pushed out from search engines. So stay clam.

  1. Login into Blogger
  2. Select your blog if you have many
  3. Then migrate to SETTINGS –> Click on “SEARCH PREFERENCES
Enabling custom header tag setting in blogger

After a click on edit in custom robots header tags, you need to enable it. When you check on yes, you find find some options that are responsible for search engines to crawl your site. Don’t try to play with these. It would surely give you a punch to your blog. So just go with the setting given below as shown in image.

Understanding Tags in robots header tags

After making changes in your header tags click on save template. Now the codes can easily explains you what we have done in our custom settings. The other settings or not essential and hope you don’t need them.

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ALL: This attribute means no restriction for indexing it is always default for all pages. It will crawled and indexed all the contents inside the page.Noindex: This attribute means not to show this page in search result or in another word we say that it tells the search robots not to index the whole page.

Noffollow: This attribute indicate and tells the crawler robot not to follow any links on this page.

None: This attribute Equilevalent to noindex, nofollow and give signal to robot not to index any page & links

Noarchive: This attribute means not to show “cached” links in search result.

Nosnippet: This attribute means not to show a snippet for this page in search result.

Noodp: This attribut means not to use metadata from the open directory project (dmoz) and do not show title and snippets for this page.

Notranslate: This attribute means not to show translation option in others langauge in search result for this page.

Noimageindex: This attribute means not to index image in search result for this page.

Unavailable_after: This attribute ordered to the search robot not to show this page in search result after specified date/time.

Final Words:  Hope the above mentioned explanation of tags gave your required information. So go ahead and make custom setting for your blog. And I recommend you to go for the best and default settings as shown in the above image. Still problematic then drop a comment we are here to help you. Just give google 2-3 days to crawl and improve your site search visibility in google..

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