Earn $500+ Money From Facebook by Reporting a Bug No Investment

Yes, the title what you saw above is true. You can earn money from facebook without any investment. You might have well know about facebook bugs. If you could find one, then facebook is ready to pay you minimum amount of $500 and maximum no limit. So why are your waiting guys? Earning money from facebook by reporting a bug is easy. But what is hardest part of this is… finding a bug in facebook.

Earn money from facebook
Earn money by reporting bug to facebook

Before using this let me point out some important features of this facebook bug reporting. Facebook is used by millions all over the world. So don’t be smart to play with facebook. Facebook gave a challenge to its users to target facebook and find its bugs. Indirectly it is asking as if you could hack facebook? Inventor of facebook ” Mark Zuckerberg” have recently announced this in news and every facebook users are busy in finding bugs.  We have recently heard facebook paying many of my friends for reporting bugs.

What you can report to facebook?

You can report facebook to facebook. Facebook gave you all right that you can do, to find bugs in facebook. But make sure it is a true bug. Don’t try to make your problems as bugs. Like installing software that block scripts in facebook and other like disabling script codes and many. Facebook checks everything what you have reported and it should confirm that you have reported a good bug.

How to report a bug to facebook?

Reporting facebook bug is quite easy if you have something to report them. Facebook divided them into few categories like status bug, chats, groups, facebook fan page bug and some related bugs. You can choose related topic to report them. Before reporting, facebook asks reporter, do check twice or thrice and confirm that is surely a bug from facebook programmer.

  • Facebook is against using other account without owners permission to prove a bug.
  • You need to report what you have been doing while bug found.
  • What do you expect to happen
  • What actually happened


Requirements to report a bug:

Facebook want you to clearly explain what the problem is. And also remember to have a screen shot of your error, and you need to upload it to facebook. But, this is not must. You may or may nor do this. But I do recommend you to use this. So taking screenshot of facebook error would be straight forward. Visit this link to submit your facebook bug and earn money from facebook.

By visiting the above link you find many help topics, at left click on Report a bug

Report a bug to facebook
Report a bug to facebook

Now select a category that you found a problem ( Example Chosen is News Feed) . After a click on that topic, you find sub topics divided into your main category. Choose it, refer instructions in help guide, if you still find a problem click on let us know

Sample reporting guide
Sample reporting guide

Then here you need to fill this form to get and submit it to facebook. Read the guidelines what facebook need. Make sure to have screen shot of your bug, use snipping tool in your pc to take screen shot.

Submitting bug to facebook
Submitting bug to facebook

So, you might have wasting your time in facebook by chatting. But not now, make money from facebook. Find a error, hit facebook and get your pocket filled with money. There is no fake on earning money from facebook bug reporting. I have heard my friend updated his status that he received amount from facebook and also a release from press from one of the candidate who earned money from facebook. What are you thinking still? Watch this video and drop a comment to share your thoughts and questions. Let we know and help you.

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  1. Siddharth Sharma says

    Hi… @Tharun

    Your Article is Good, And this Trick is also Gr8 to Earn Something from Facebook.

    But here you are Not Explained That What Is” Bug ” ?

    Just suppose any New Person Was Read this post Bcoz he wants to earn Money , But He Was Not setisfied From You Info, .
    Ok Lets Try To Edit this Post or will Write well In next Post .



    • says

      Hey, that was good complement from you. Let me tell you, a bug is something that an error from facebook coding. Making something not possible in facebook is simply a bug. I think you have not gone through video. Do it and you get explanation. Thanks for dropping here.

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