Earn Money with Hostgator Affiliate Program Review and Signup

Hostgator well heard, well known hosting provider. Not only hostgator earns money from our purchases, but it also makes us to earn money with hostgator affiliate program. Hostgator affiliate review is today’s blog post.  On my recent review about godaddy affiliate programs, it made many of bloggers to start earning online with affiliate programs. So looking forward for more reviews on affiliate program, I thought up to make a review on hostgator affiliate program.

hostgator affiliate program review and signup guide

A short info about what is affiliate program?

Affiliate program is invitation for webmasters, bloggers or any person who can bring customers to purchase a product/service from a company using referral link allotted.

So this is straight to the point. If you use referral link and send customers to buy their hosting plans or any other, then hostgator will pay you for bringing customer to them. You get a commission of purchase they made.

So earning money online with affiliate programs is easy these days. But the toughest part is sending customer using your referral link. Yes, people keep on buying hosting accounts for their required needs. So it was a tough subject, to earn money with hostgator affiliate referral links. All you need is, users should buy hostgator service with your referral link. If not, you won’t get paid.

So I if you are new to hostgator affiliate program, then question in your brain are

  1. Do we need to pay for joining affiliate program?
  2. How much can we make with affiliate program?
  3. Should we purchase hosting to be a part of affiliate program? Answer: No.

So the answer for first question is no. And how much we earn with hostgator affiliate program? Answer: It depends on how smartly you drive visitors with your referral link.

Image Credit : www.hostgator.com

The above image explains hostgator will pay, $50 per signup. If you bring 5 sales per month you can earn $250/month.  If you bring more than 5 sales like in between 6-10 you will be paid $75 per referral signup. For example, you sent 7 sales with your referral link, then you will earn 7 sales × $75 = $525.

So if you bring 21+ sales per month, then your will earn 21+ sales × $125 = $XXXX. So earn online with affiliate blogs is fastest ways to make money.

How to sign up for hostgator affiliate program?

  • Open this Hostgator
  • Click on Affiliates
  • Fill up the form carefully.
  • Make sure you take care of name and address.

After signing in, click on Manage Coupons, there you can create your own coupon code for your affiliate links as I did mine.


You need to understand few terms in earning commission. Active, Inactive, No Tax Form, Overdue, Threshold. Duplicate, Cancelled, Fraud and Expired These are status shown in your commission reports.

Active – Active commissions are valid and paid up to date, if a commission is Active at the time of a payout it will be paid.

Inactive – The commission has been flagged for inactivity; either the customer’s primary domain name is not resolving to our servers, or the customer has not uploaded any files to their account as of the time of payout.

No Tax Form – We require the affiliate to submit a W9 (US) or W8-BEN (non-US) tax form before we can pay the commissions.

Overdue – Overdue means that the customer is currently overdue with us, overdue accounts are not eligible for a commission.

Threshold – This means the commission appears to be valid, but the affiliate has not met the minimum $100 threshold for payout.

Duplicate – A duplicate commission belongs to a customer who already has an existing account with us; a duplicate commission will never be eligible to be paid.

Cancelled – A cancelled commission means that the customer has cancelled his or her account with us, this commission will not be eligible to be paid.

Fraud – Fraud means that either the customer did not verify their account information with us at signup, it can also mean the customer charged back or used a stolen credit card to make their purchase. Fraud accounts are not eligible to be paid, but can change back to active if a customer verifies their account with us.

Expired – This commission was not eligible to be paid out at its scheduled payout date.

So are you thinking why users not purchasing with your affiliate links? Because you are lack of some affiliate strategies. Affiliate marketing is big reasons for your fail in selling products with your affiliate links. Some checkout some tips to make your users buy hostgator products with your referral links.

You should give a detailed view of product/service :

Before you ask your readers to buy a product or service, you need to mentioned some advantages of buying it. Without giving clear idea for them, how could your visitors /readers purchase. So it is very first important step to make your readers get clarity on what they actually get, benefits and how could they use.

Speak Out Truth about hostgator :

I know positive feedback is must to get more sales. But readers love personal experience. So always open mouth and speak out the truth about the product you are willing. A better explained give trust.

Add banners :

I think you won’t write a post on each and ever offer you get to your inbox. Instead you might be using social media or advertsing banners in your own blog.

Send Emails to registered users:

Send emails to all registered users to notify them about discount and offers you will provide to users, who purchases hosting accounts with your referral link. If you are in wordpress check this post to send emails to all registered user in wordpress.

Offers Useful Services :

Most of the people get some great success in affiliate sales, due to services. Many bloggers like me launched services like installing wordpress,setting up sitemap, installing security plugins, giving professional template for free and 30-days email support about this service. All these would be offered for free, if buyer purchases a product with your referral link.

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So always give more valuable explanation to service/product and included useful services for free like me. You get some great sales and fast income from hostgator affiliate program. This post is written to new bloggers and bloggers who are hosting their sites in blogger platform. This will help you to make some good money. If you are looking to buy hosting then contact me for such free services. What do you think about hostgator affiliate program?

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