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Create Fake Adsense Earning Screenshots Reports Generator Tools

Today I have some list of fake online adsense earning reports generators. Adsense reports are going fake these days. Many spammers  generating online snapshots for their adsense account, publishing them as if they are earning that huge amount from adsense and attracting you to take their services. Entering into online world thinking of money making ideas is not a bad idea. But attracting to fake adsense or income report slips produced many website owners is bad. I am here to get your awareness of these fake earning reports that will damage your career and your dreams. I know the value of money. So get boomed up by all these fake tools available over internet. I have tried my best to collect these fake adsense online tools that are used by others. If I have not mentioned any other tools please comment below, let me and my reader know them.

1. Hactrix Tool

Link :

When you visit the above link you see two options for today and yesterday earning value. If you enter you amount and click on Generate Cash, in a new windows you will see earning reports as shown below.

google adsense money generator

2. Ehowportal Google Adsense Money Generator

Link :


This online tool is also most famous fake adsense money generator. This is similar to about used hactrix fake report generator tool. But here you have some more options to create your adsense reports. Like today money,yesterday, last month, unpaid earning, most recent payment done. So this is most famous tool for creating your fake adsense earning reports. This is also a latest version of adsense page. The below is the image generated by using Ehowportal Google Adsense Money Generator tool online.

ehowportal fake adsense earning reports generator

3. FireBug Add Ion

FireBug is also most used Mozilla Firefox add ion tool to edit webpages. It is web development tool. Using this firebug add ion tool in your browser you can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web pages.

So the above are just a list of known online tools / websites that are used to generate fake adsense earning reports. These images generated to fool visitors or customers and attract them to their services like selling books or doing affiliate sales and many more. So don’t trust these adsense earning reports generated in online. Just trust the website owners and the content. You can easily find whether they are really earning that huge amount or not by checking the site alexa, page rank, domain authority and many more other factors.

NOTE:¬† This post is created just to get awareness of these fake tools that are available and used by many others. So I want you to know these and stay secured from these spammers. Please don’t use these tool to cheat others. That will surely damage your blog reputation. This article is only for education purpose.

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  1. I usually look at those online Adsense earning screenshots with a dose of skepticism. It seems that you have proven me right.
    Fauzul recently posted…Top 5 Smartphones of 2013My Profile

  2. Thanks for the share Tharun. Yes many people use such tools or even use developer tool to modify the adsesne earning report. People are advise to not to get in such scam. Your post will helpful to many of them.
    Sanket Patil recently posted…Top 5 Tips to Optimize Your Blog for Mobile SEOMy Profile

  3. Hi Tarun,
    Thanks for sharing about this. I Never thought that there are websites for creating fake adsense reports. Adsense Team are you listening?? You should ban these websites as soon as possible :D

    Deepak Singh recently posted…5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Which You Must Try On Your BlogMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the sharing.Yes numerous persons use such devices or even use developer device to modify the adsesne earning report. persons are advise to not to get in such scam. Your mail will helpful to many of them.

  5. Thanks for the share Tharun.

  6. Hi Tharun, thanks for revealing these tools for bloggers. Many uses these toos to get some bloggers on their nerver about their monthly incomes and they their by got obsessed and started thinking otherwise.
    Adesanmi adedotun recently posted…Top 5 Blog Engage Group you must JoinMy Profile

  7. Thanks Tharun for showing how spammers are generating fake Adsense earning snapshots. Your post will surely help to generate awareness among those who are eager to earn money online.

  8. Don’t know what those cheaters get by doing these practice. To whom they are making fool. … Themselves !!!!
    Dk Patel recently posted…Why are some flowers brightly colored ?My Profile

  9. I hear many people share fake snaps and pranks with friends on social circle, but it is bad if some one use to make money from people (paying to learn something) by fake adsense earning details.

    Good post.
    Naveen recently posted…How I earn Over $700 From a Single ClickBank Product And How You Can?My Profile

  10. Thanks for informing about “fake Adsense earning reports”.
    I will never use them.
    Shoukot recently posted…How To Add Recent Posts Widget To Blogger EasilyMy Profile

  11. Thanks for the sharing.Yes numerous persons use such devices or even use developer device to modify the adsesne earning report. persons are advise to not to get in such scam. Your mail will helpful to many of them.

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