Find And Fix Crawl Errors In Google Webmaster Tools

Fixing broken links in google webmaster tools should be must for every blogger. You might have submitted your blogger sitemap to google webmaster tools and found many crawl errors. Some comes from deleted posts. If you have deleted a post and linked it in other blog post. When search engines crawl your post, as linked to the deleted post would give you an count in error. If found many, count increases. So let’s learn how to fix these url errors and other crawl errors in google webmaster tools.1. Firstly Login into your Webmaster Account2. Click on the site you want to fix errors.

3. In Current Status, click on Crawl Errors

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4. Later you find all the information regarding site and make sure you are good at DNS, Server Connectivity and Robots.txt fetched.

DNS :  Dynamic Name System should be made from you domain registration site. Where you have purchased your domain.Robots.txt  file should be added in your blogger dashboard where you have custom setting to make search engines crawl your sites.Server Connectivity : It also deals with the perfect setting you have made a purchase to your domain and forwarded it to your site.

In next page after clicking on crawl errors, click on Not Found, then scroll down and you find the error urls listed below. You may find many broken links from comment sections and search pages. Lets fix them.

Count of error urls in webmaster tools for blogger

5. We are using a url redirection technique in blogger to fix all these errors. Just click on a selected url, in a popup right click  on link >>  open in new tab. In a new tab, as the link is broken your would be redirected to your professional 404 error page.

Find erros link in webmaster tools

6. Then copy the url, so that donot include text before .com or .in or .org. You should consider “/” in the url Example/2012/08/example-of-copying-link.html ( see the image below )

URL selection for redirection in blogger

7. After copying migrate to blogger DashboardSettingsSearch preferencesErrors and Redirections. In Custom Redirects click on Edit.

Edit erros and redirections

8. There you need to paste the copied link in From: section make sure “/” included. Then to the new url of your new post. If you want to set the broken link to redirect to your homepage just add “/” (without quotes). Click on save and then save changes.

Redirection technique to fix broken and crawl errors in webmaster tools

Back to webmaster error page. in the step #5, in a pop up at bottom you find Mark As Fixed click on it. Or just go for resubmitting your blogger sitemap.

Final Words :  Make sure you have submitted a perfect sitemap to google webmaster tools. And if you delete your blog post then go for redirection or find the linked page and edit that link.  If you write a new post on same topic you have done already better go for redirection that would be better.

Video Tutorial on fixing crawl errors in google webmaster tools

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  1. Gaurav says

    I have face again same problem in my blog .

    Webmaster Tools say:
    1) Crawl postponed because robots.txt was inaccessible
    2) Request timed out or site is blocking Google
    3) Google couldn’t access your site because of a DNS error
    URL Errors
    Status: 1/9/14

    Top 1,000 pages with errors


    Previously i faced this problem because i was checked .in domain. but when i was checked it on it shows correct .
    Now it again shows me same problem . please tell me what i have to do. and i resolved it.

    • says

      Brother you can fix all your webmaster tools errors by ..
      1. Posted : Not done well in robots.txt
      2. Site blocked: Not made perfect settings for SEO optmization or blocking google robots
      3. DNS Error: You have not done well in settings up redirection.

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