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Backlinks are backbones to Search Engine Ranking. Building quality backlinks is a toughest job ever done in blogging. Without building backlinks your blog is nothing. I hope you surely agree with me right?  Using unique techniques for developing backlinks may or may not help you. But you need to find your own quality ways to develop/create backlinks. When I was at my start, my blog doesn’t appear in google in top 50 pages, I mean not in 100 top ranking positions, but now I my self feel happy. I think doing a little on page seo optimization and building quality backlinks pushed my post to top ranking in google.

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Daily thousand of new blogs coming up with quality and also more knowledge on black hat / white hat seo techniques implementing on their blogs and ranking to top. These is a tough job for a genuine bloggers. You need to understand and find backlinks for particular site and target them for SERP. So finding dofollow/nofollow backlinks for a particular site is easy before but now it is difficult. Previously, I used alexa to find long tail keyword for a particular site and also to check backlinks that are pointed to my and other’s sites. But alexa got more interest in money, and it is pro pro pro to check backlinks and the rest details.

So thinking of checking my backlinks freely, I found some free backlinks checker tools for analysis of my site or for a particular site, I got few online sites listed below, these would help to know dofollow backlinks generated for particular site and target them in same way to get same quality backlinks for my site. Hope you can do the same.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is most used easy online tool to find number of backlinks that are dofollow, nofollow, links of .gov .edu and other features. This is one of the most used website even by professional to track other websites links and even ours. Ahrefs has some great features where you would surely upgrade from free plan. Here is screenshot of Ahrefs tool, I used to check my blog backlinks data.


So using tool to analyze your backlinks or victims backlinks is done easily. And you see many benefits like URL Rank,Domain Rank and number of referring domains to your site. And you can also have an advantage of anchor text. The other important feature of this tool is social media shares. You see how many social media share are done for your blog posts. Also note if you using any other short url services like, or any other services. Your share won’t get count in sharing. So you only get shares count increased if your post is shared by only your post link. This doesn’t matter.

2. Majestic SEO Tool

Majestic SEO Tool is also known as Google Backlink Checker Tool. Majestic SEO Tool is quite easy to use like ahrefs tool. All you need is just to head on Majestic SEO Tool and enter your website address. You find all the information their. Now click on root domain, if this is not selected by default. You see all the referring backlinks to your root site. Just scroll down to see the inner backlinks guide. Remember good majestic seo tool reports are must for selling your website in flippa. If you have don’t have good results in Majestic SEO Reports. Then it would be worried thing if you want to sell your website. You may get low cost.


3. Smart SEO Tool

This tool might not be known to many. But I used this tool after alexa upgrade its free plans to pro. I like this tool. But it take some time to fetch all the backlinks generated. Just open SmartSeoTools, enter your website link, enter verification code. Then click on submit. Just wait for few minutes. You see backlinks count, site with PR that points to your site and with dofollow or nofollow. Why this tool is required. It’s free. Free and free. So if you have budget problems I recommend this. What is advantage with this free tool. It’s quite simple. When compared other tools, you get directly the link that pointing to our site or others. For example if it is a post url, you can just visit that links and drop a comment. So that you will get backlink to your site.

smartseotools backlinks finder tool

4. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a famous tool used by many professionals. You can even compare  a website with five other website. So you can easily track yours or others/victims website and understand how his blog is doing. You can easily find all website details like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Total links, with anchor text.


5. Alexa

Alexa is no doubt best tool to track long tail keywords and backlinks for a particular site. But the problem raised when alexa asked for money for their tool. So if you have no money, then you will be settled for only 5 backlinks. So if you want to find other backlinks then you need to upgrade it plan. So I don’t recommend this tool if you are serious about spending money.


6. Backlink Watch

Backlink watch is also awesome site to check backlinks that are building by commenting or any other ways. The only drawback about this tool is “Pop Up ads”  I think we bloggers only love to see these in our blog for earning but not in other sites. So if you hate pop up ads stay away from this website.


 Hope these backlinks checker tools with make you analyze. Without building quality backlinks might be also a reason for your page rank dropping. So leave your valuable comments below and let me know which tool is best for you.

Article By Tharun

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  1. Vicky says

    Hello Tharun,

    I have been using Ahrefs and Opensiteexplorer to check the backlinks of my site and they are really great sources to get deatils of no-follow and do-follow backlinks.


  2. says

    Hello Tharun,

    Really good article. These tools help us to find back links to a site. By using these tools we can estimate the total no of back links our competitor is having and we can take measures to beat them.

    Thank You,

    Srinath Reddy

    • says

      Hi Srinath,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I use the above tools to find backlinks of my site. Hope you surely check of each of the above tools.

      Thanks for your visit and keep visiting.

    • says

      Hi Mahendher,
      Thanks for your comment. These backlink analysis tools surely will help you to get trace other victim sites backlinks and build them back to your own site.

      Have a great day

  3. says

    Hello Tharun,
    You are Tharun, Backlinks are very very important to rank high in search engine. The main thing behind High result in Google and other search engine are Backlinks
    I am using Opensiteexplorer and Smallseotools for this purpose.
    Alexa tells us just top 5 result. But Opensiteexplorer is best of them. Smallseotools is also great.
    Any way great website. Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    There are some limits on ahrefs and majestic seo…ahrefs is best for check backlink but 2 times analysis and 10 backlinks show..but your post awesome and give me some substitute of it…thanx for sharing it

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