How to Fix “This webpage has a redirect loop” Issue in 3 Simple Ways

Internet is an enormous place where you can browse anything and obtain solution for any kind of issue. While browsing internet, we might encounter a lot of problems and out of which one such peculiar problem that many of us face is “This webpage has a redirect loop.” Usually, this error appears while working on browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. This error is also known as Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects. This is a redirection loop that avoids us to get access to any of the webpage.

this webpage has a redirect loop

Have you ever encountered this issue, where you’ll be redirected to this webpage rather than usual functioning? Internet is an interconnected hub of billions of webpages. Sometimes this error appears even when you try to access your Gmail account. Although, the error page itself is displayed which some instruction to solve this issue wherein it suggests you to clear the cookies and try to reload the URL again. Even then, you might not come out of this issue only if the problem is not from the edge of server.

If you’re looking for a solution of this Error 310, I have come up with few solutions through which you can easily get out of this issue. Here is a detailed guide on how to fix the redirect loop issue. There are few approaches to handle this issue without any hassle. Let us begin this tutorial with insights into the concept of webpage redirection and the reason behind the occurrence of such redirect loops.

About Webpage Redirection

For instance, consider you are running a blog or a website on a specific domain name. Due to some unexpected circumstances, you might get into a situation where you need to purchase a new domain name and shift your website onto a new address. This will eventually cause change in the URLs of your webpages.

Google does not accept a change in the URL and moreover, the visitors on your blog might not be able to reach the new address. To overcome this issue, a 301 redirect code is operated which makes the old URL redirect automatically to a new URL. Such type of redirection can be done making use of .htaccess file.

What is Webpage Redirect Loop?

Whenever you redirect one URL to another, this seems to be a linear flow. But unexpectedly, this becomes even more complex by doing more number of redirects that eventually leads a inadvertent loop. Redirect loop is a situation that occurs when you enter the domain name on a browser; it says “This webpage has a redirect loop”. This result in an infinite loop and the webpage will never get displayed.

Things to Do Before Fixing the Problem

  1. This redirect loop problem may occur in any problem.
  2. This is not a server side error. It is a temporary issue which can be solved easily.
  3. You can try to open the same website in the incognito window and check if it works.
  4. If possible, try to update your browser.
  5. Make sure that you don’t install too many extensions (or add-ons) on your browser.

How to Fix ‘This Webpage Has a Redirect Loop Issue’?

Usually, browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox display this error. This problem may be caused either at the client end or the server end. Here are three simple ways for solving the “This webpage has a redirect loop” error that might occur either in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

1. Fix the Issue by Deleting Cookies

Deleting or clearing cookies is one major solution that assists you in solving the redirection loop issue. Check out the steps given below that guides you on how to clear the cookies to resolve the problem.

  • Open the browser that is showing this redirect loop error on Chrome browser.
  • In your Google Chrome browser, click the ‘wrench’ icon which is located on the top-right corner.

 fix this webpage has redirect loop

  • From the drop-down menu, choose the ‘Settings’ option.
  • In a new tab, Chrome will open your personal browser settings window.
  • In the search box, type Your Chrome browser will look for all the settings options where the word cookies appear.

this page redirect loop fix how to

  • Now, click on Clear Browsing Data option. A new window appears on the screen wherein you need to select Cookies and other site and Plug-in Data.
  • Choose that checkbox and hit the Clear browsing data
  • Close the settings tab completely. Restart the Google Chrome browser.
  • This is the first solution for redirect loop error by clearing the web browser’s cookies.

2. Clear Cache Using Third party Tool

After clearing cookies, if the error still exists, it is most likely that the problem might be related to the webpage. Here is the second possible way that helps you in solving the redirection loop error. Try to clear your cache and cookies using a third-party tool such as CCleaner. This tool is used to clear all the cookies and other data from the web browser directories.

Now, recheck you extensions and disable them. In some situations, external extensions can introduce some bugs in the web browser. It is suggested to do a virus scan of the website as it may be affected by virus.

3. Nuke the browser

If the problem still exists even after using the above two ways, we recommend you to reset your browser settings. This is an ultimate solution however; it will most likely solve the problem.

When you choose to reset your browser, it clears the following data:

  • Passwords
  • Form data
  • Cached media
  • Cookies and History

The Reset option which you’ve chosen will also disable all your Chrome extensions and themes:

  • Removes pinned tabs
  • Clears your homepage
  • Resets your default search engine settings

It just won’t delete the Chrome browser instead it reverts the way it was on the first day it was installed. To reset settings on your Google Chrome browser, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Google Chrome Settings.
  • Click advanced settings and scroll down below till the Reset Settings option.
  • Just hit the Reset button. You need to explicitly confirm your action before Chrome clears everything out.

reset settings

These are the three simple ways that assists you to solve the problem. Hope this tutorial guides you in the best way that helps you in fixing the webpage redirection loop problem. If you still facing issues with webpage redirect loop, let me know by dropping a comment below.

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