How To Get Free Email Alerts To Mobile As Sms

Getting all your emails to your mobile as sms alerts for free would be really helpful to the people you want to stay connected with the latest world.  Forwarding all your emailss to your mobile by SMS ( Short Message Service ). Emails that are pushed into your inbox are redirected and sent as sms to your mobile. To get this done. We need to do two process. Creating an account in WaY2Sms and GMAIL and note that your both accounts are active and you are using them regularly. In registration of your account in Way2sms, remember to give your personal mobile ( with you always ), so that every mail can be sent your mobile. Our previous article is on how to know your own mobile number.

1. Login into Gmail and Way2sms. After logging in click on Email Alerts

Get emails for free to mobile as sms
Get emails for free to mobile as sms

2. When you scroll down and you see the below image where it would be providing some way2sms id. Just copy the code. In case if you use GMAIL.

Get email alerts from way2sms

3. In case if you use Ymail then you also have an option to use this service in Ymail. And also if you are using any other service also have a look at them. In yahoo you know that it provides many different domain like , rocketmail , ymail so you can choose it there.



4. Now copy the code and then go to your Gmail Settings –> Forwarding and POP/IMAP


5. Click on add a Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then paste the copied address from way2sms and next, confirm it. Then you see a information that message was sent for conformation.


6. Then to confirm the code you need to switch back to way2sms and see the inbox in mail alerts where you find a code of confirmation and copy the code and paste it in conformation code in gmail. Not don’t include # See the below two images

get free email alertssetting for email alerts in gmail

7. Now paste the confirmation code there and click on verify. Now make the setting as shown in the below pic.



After making custom setting click on save button at the bottom.

NOTE : Now go back to way2sms and activate. The account in email alerts section as shown in the below image and also remember after a week or 7 days you need to open way2sms account and click on activate. You can also customize setting for that. Hope you can it no your own.
Settings for way2sms to get email alerts

Now remember. This works if your mobile is not registered in TRAI ( Telecom Regulator Authority of India ). Way2sms does not send sms to the mobile number that are registered in TRAI. So do confirm about this by calling to your customer care.

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