Free sites to Convert Speech to text online (Apps/Software)

Today I have brought some online sites that will benefit many busy bloggers. Guess what..? Sites that converts your speech/voice into text. Converting your speech into text will surely help you if are busy to sit all over the night in front of your PC, fighting with keyboard. So these sites would surely save your time and increase your creativity in making up super fast blog posts.

There are many available android apps to convert voice to text/message but for PC every few and tough to find the best. So I have collected some best tools that will surely help in conversion of your speech into text. I personally tested all. So no worries. Make sure you check all the content generated from these voice to text conversion online sites. Because sometimes spelling mistakes may happen.

convert vioce speech to text online sites

1. Dictation Online Speech Recognition

Use this Tool, developed by Amit Agarwal sir from site Here you need to remember to use google chrome to work fine with this site. This tool is mostly designed for chrome. So use chrome. You just need to open that site, click on Start Dictation and then speak out your words and stay clam until it converts into text. Then use CTRL+A to select the converted text from speech and use CTRL+C to copy. Now you have easily converted your voice into text.

ctrlq_dictation speech to text


Another awesome tool to converts your voice into text online is This is also a pretty good tool with lot more features when compared to above mentioned dictation tool. TalkTyper tool provides us some extra features like printing the converted text, sending emails, posting in twitter and language translator. You can translate the translated text to your specific language.

talktyper vocie to speech convertor tool online

3.  Google Translator Tool

One of our required product is also available from Google. Google translate tool helps you to convert your speech into text of any language and again convert it into your required language. Speech –> Text –> Required language conversion. Remember to use google chrome for this also. Just open this Google Translate Tool, choose your language click on micro phone, you find at lower left end, and then speak out. The converted text appears at right. You may also change the text into Spanish, Arabic or any other.


4. Speech Recognizer — Voice-to-Text in Google Chrome App

Now we have speech recognizer ( dictanote app ) in web store for google chrome browser, which will help you to convert your voice into text.  Just go to this link, install Speech Recognizer app. After installing you will find this application in new tab or also in extensions or use this link directly. Now click on Dictanote. You will see new tab with editor. Click on microphone symbol, if browser asks for permission to allow microphone click on allow, then speak out.



This requires software installation. I don’t recommend this. Because we bloggers have no time to do this installations and settings. So if you still want to check this, you can do it with your own efforts. I did not test this software. Link to website is here.

So I have collected some best online sites to convert speech to text with apps/softwares. Easy to use and I think, happy to change your voice into text and increase writing blog articles fast.

Article By Tharun

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  1. Rajaraman Raghuraman says

    Hi Tharun

    Nice post and thanks for sharing. I was actually looking out for a voice to text conversion software (free) and I didn’t knew the solution would be so simple (like Google translate). Even I have tried google search and didn’t get the results I wanted, this is exactly what I wanted, simple and free solution to my problem. 🙂

    Keep up the good work & keep posting such informative articles again.

    – Rajaraman R

    • says

      Hi Raghuraman,
      I am very much happy that you found this “free speech to text conversion online sites” helpful. Thanks for your comment and hope you would be back.

    • says

      Hi Appollo,
      Thanks for your comment. I have tested all top 4 of the above speech to text online conversions tools. Every tool is simply awesome and they easily convert everything into text fastly. I did not tested the last one. Anyone how go for google translator tool or Dictation Online Speech Recognition.

      Hope you would be back again. Have a great day.

  2. says

    Thanks for providing such an awesome article. Converting text from speech can be very useful while using in some of the daily routine work…which needs dictation.

    really awesome tools.


    • says

      Hello Emmanuel,
      Yes, you should sure try these tools. These may help you to save your blogging time and write super fast article for your blog. Thanks for your comment hope you would be back soon.

    • says

      Hi Ansar,
      A warm welcome to my blog. Happy that like my list of tools to convert speech to text. If you are asking me “Can we make a tutorial in youtube?” Yes, you can.

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