Gamification Examples You Can Use to Improve Your Life

Gamification is a practice that sounds relatively new in many online articles, but the truth is that it is a practice that has been around as an effective motivator for quite some time. The rise of video games and a video gaming culture has made this process much more common and some would argue made it more effective as a motivator to get work done. Gamification is taking certain common traits that many games share such as competition, point systems, rules, “leveling up,” in a non-game scenario in order to generate excitement and interaction. If you dedicate some time to find gamification examples on the Internet, you can see how they work and why gamification is so effective.


Internet Marketers Use Gamification Examples

This is a common strategy used by Internet Marketers to try and drum up excitement for a product launch, but it can also be used in so many other places, as well. From making weight loss a game in order to get better health, to creating great marketing campaigns, it can be easy to shove gamification into a small box but that would really be underestimating what this practice can do.

Example #1: Gamification Helped Create an AIDS Treatment Breakthrough

One of the more incredible gamification examples came from the University of Washington. Their Center for Game Science worked with the Biochemistry Department to create an online game about folded proteins. They wondered if using this in a video game model would help to get information about a particular crystal-like structure in AIDS that was really important but was also giving scientists fits in trying to figure it out.

They were stunned when over 28,000 people played this “protein folding game” online and the end result was thanks to the work of the different players tackling this problem, huge breakthroughs were made in understanding this mystery piece of AIDS and that discovery has directly led to huge medical breakthroughs that wouldn’t have been possible without the information garnered from the gaming experience.

The success has been so pronounced that the same technique is being used for some areas of cancer treatment research, as well.

Example #2: Powering Charity Donations by Making it a Game

Another great gamification example goes with CrowdRise, an effort to make charitable donations fun by creating a game scenario for raising money for various charities and their research, projects, or goals. Pages for individual people helping to raise money count points, give bonuses, and even have a “leveling up” feature which allows individuals to compete with one another while also pulling in donations for worthy charities and worthy causes.

These are only two examples of how this technique can be used to create amazing successes, but they are far from the only ones. From weight loss to better learning to reaching more of your individual goals, this is a powerful technique that can’t be overlooked.

In Conclusion

Gamification examples can be found throughout the world in a wide variety of areas. It’s effectiveness has only become more pronounced as more and more people grow up in a world with video games. Why not try this technique to see how amazing the results can truly be?

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