How to Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook PR 9 Site?

Getting dofollow backlinks from major social media sites like google+, youtube , stumbleupon, reddit and many more are important for boosting search engine ranking. Today we learn a trick how to get dofollow backlink from facebook which has PR 9.  I know you are eager to get dofollow backlink from facebook, that too from PR 9 social media site.

get dofollow backlink from facebook to my blog pr 9 site
get dofollow backlink from facebook to my blog

Thinking where to build quality backlinks, social media sites are awesome with high PR. We love backlinks, that too from facebook PR 9 and believe it or not.. it is dofollow backlink from facebook.

1. Login to your facebook account, click here.

2. Now click on “Add Static HTML to a page“. In the next page select your facebook fan page to add this tab feature.


3. Now click on “Welcome” tab in your fan page, you find “EDIT TAB


4. Now you are going to add a html link to your blog with rel=”dofollow” . See below image as example.


5. You can any text related to your blog. Click on view it in facebook, you need to find a backlink from facebook as shown in below image


 Now, I smell that you finished doing this. I love if you could comment below about this trick. If you stuck up somewhere let me know via comments and get dofollow backlinks from facebook. I think you started sharing this article in social media.

Article By Tharun

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    • says

      Hi Debarpan,

      Thanks for commenting. Surely getting a backlinks from high page rank site when compared to low PR is worth. So we should give it a try and enjoy traffic boosting. Getting backlink from facebook is great trick and we enjoy it.

  1. Enstine Muki says

    I was reading this post while you were reading mine too
    I’ll certainly try your steps here but what I don’t get is the rel=dofollow. I don’t know if that’s correct because by default, without the rel=nofollow, the link automatically becomes dofollow

    Now, is there any url for the static page than can be crawled by search engines?

    • says

      Hi Enstine Sir,

      Yes, by default a link without a rel=’nofollow’ will be dofollow, but making the link perfect to readers we added a rel=’dofollow’ tag to clear there doubts. So finally we get a dofollow backlink from facebook. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Sir.

    • says

      Hi Aqiyl,

      What you said is true.. We should wait for the best results to come. Any how we now enjoy a link from facebook. Thanks for commenting.

      Hope you would be back soon.

    • says

      Hi Mahendra,
      Thanks for commenting. Surely we may enjoy this link. All we need is to wait for google to index this backlink from facebook.

      Stick to this blog for more awesome articles. Thanks

  2. says

    Hey Tharun,

    Great tip.

    Just implemented it myself – and it works. Never thought possible to get a PR9 dofollow backlink from facebook.

    I guess Facebook will make it nofollow in time, let’s enjoy the Dofollow in the mean time,

    Uttoran Sen,

  3. says

    I loved this trick man! I bet most of the SEOs don’t know this yet. You really did a great job figuring it out.
    Thanks for your extra ordinary post. Loved your writing style as its simple and precise.

  4. Imteaj Khondokar Robin says

    Thanks.. really very important for us. After starting a blog we must need dofollow backlinks and must need to maintain high quality and you provide us a source to get a high quality dofollow backlink.

  5. says

    Just stumble upon this post. What a great tip you’ve just shared. I look forward to grab this backlink from Facebook. I just subscribe to get more of your tricks. Thanks once more for sharing

  6. Umapathy says

    Hi Tharun,

    Excellent tip bro. I was searching how to get backlink from Facebook and came across this article. Thanks your sharing this wonderful post.


  7. Efe Obasuyi Michael says

    Thanks for this useful article, but after clicking on Edit Tab, i didn’t get who to do next, please kindly help.. and is the upload image free or paid ?

  8. shailaja says

    thank you I got a dofollow link from F.B by following your post. I tried from other post from other blogs but it was not worked out. Finally I got a link 🙂

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