How to get more likes on facebook photos / status / comments?

Are you worried in getting more likes on facebook? If yes, don’t worry. I have brought an infographics for you to how to get more likes on facebook photo and status. Your post may not be getting more shares and comments, it’s totally your fault. Yes, there are many reasons why your facebook status don’t get more likes.

The below infographics clearly explains that images get more likes, comment and shares when compared to text or links in facebook. Just publishing an image is not a great thing, you need to understand facebook activity peaks. I mean when more number of facebook users are active. As per below infographics more facebook users are active around 3 PM time and also noticeable at 11 Am and 8 PM. When it comes to best active day in facebook is on “Wednesday“.  Also note, to increase more user engagement in facebook, you need to post regularly. So don’t go for “services getting more likes on facebook for free“,  you find some amazing stuff in this infographics that will surely increase your user engagement and likes to your status. So check them, develop on your own. Not by contacting service pages.

get more likes on facebook infographics
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Source:  How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic

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Article By Tharun

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  1. says

    Great infographic! Facebook is NOT an easy place to get free traffic any more – the algorithms are clearly making it more and more difficult for Pages and Page owners to get “likes” or even views so creating quality content is a must! infographics of the type and quality posted above will help a lot!

    • says

      Hi Neil,
      Thanks for your awesome words. Infographics have great explanation how to post in facebook to get more likes Thanks for your support by adding your suggestion for us. Thanks a lot.

  2. Dilip Win says

    Nice infographic post to show how to get more likes on facebook. Getting more likes helps us to get more views and many other users may check it. Nice article

    • says

      Hi Dilip,
      Thanks for you comment how to get more likes on facebook images? Exactly, the more number of likes, the more visibility, the more visibility the more traffic. Hope you keep on visiting and have a great day.

  3. Disha Sharma says

    Tharun I appreciate your this post, but you have to believe, When Boy post his status than he gets only few likes & comments but when a Girl shares her status then she get more likes & comments. Why this happen ?

  4. says

    Facebook is definitely getting harder and harder to obtain traffic from and also engagement on the page. It is also getting harder for posts to be viewed by fans in their news feeds, so it is great to continue to revisit these basics and have a good look at what could be gong wrong on your page. Great infographic!

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