Tips to Drive More Targeted Traffic To New Blog Posts

New published blog posts don’t have good traffic until they get listed in search engines with proper On Page SEO Techniques. I know some tips to drive more traffic to your new blog post. Thinking of new posts, there are techniques that should be used in and after writing posts. Do on page seo while writing and after haha want to know? Then just read this full post and learn best tips that helps to get visitors to new posts. You would be familiar with all those tips, but I want to add my SEO knowledge to yours. You might have seen many pro bloggers posts would be indexed fast in google or other search engines. How that is possible? Well, there are some pro techniques revealing to new bloggers to understand how could google index our website/post fastly in search results.

attract blog traffic to new published posts

How to get more traffic to new posts?

First, lets think how many possible ways are available to get more traffic to our new blog post? You mostly know social media is fast then any other. So using good post title, social media effectively, doing good On Page SEO, blog commenting, gaining regular visitors to your blog. Hope these few surely help us in driving good traffic to your new published blog posts. Let’s discuss the important of each other.

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1. Attractive Post Title

Post titles are the first thing that search engines and users see. So always have attractive post titles. The SEO title you choose should be both for search engines and users. These post titles surely draw attention of your visitors to click on them. So are doing well in choosing SEO optimized post titles for your blog posts?

2. Social Media

Social Media is a latest trend that stays always as latest. Using good social networking sites would drive massive traffic to your blog + ( new post ). You might be using facebook, google + and twitter as regular social media sites. Facebook is good to get traffic, but what if you don’t many facebook fans to your fan page? What if you don’t have many twitter followers? It’s hard to get traffic. I have personal experience. So here is my tip. You might have heard a word sounds like what ? That word is ” Hashtag ” Yes, there are many importance of using hashtags but let me point out one important tip, using hashtag would make your post visible to many. So don’t neglect to use hashtags. Use good keywords in your hashtags and you see difference in your blog traffic. Ask your friends to like your article and post them to their facebook walls.

Let me point out some other best social networking sites to drive more traffic to your blog. You might have heard stumbleupon. It is also hidden secret of many pro bloggers who use it secretly without pointing out importance of stumbleupon. Stumbleupon surely drives huge traffic to your blog as well as your post, as soon as you post your article to it. So I recommend to use stumbleupon regularly and effectively. I am also adding Reddit. Reddit and Stumbleupon sends massive traffic to your website but only a limited time.

send emails to circle users in googleplus

Don’t forget to use google+ effectively. “Effectively” here indicates some best tips to get more traffic from google+. So , first step you need to do after publishing your post is to share it in Google+ with blog link and then other social networking sites. So before you click on share button, enable also send emails to your circles. So that they get a notification, followed by email.

Also go for blogging communities, they not only help to drive good traffic but also surely help to get your new post indexed fast in search engines like google.


3. Ping Services

Ping services are really wonderful to ping all your blog posts to more than 100+ sites to easily get indexed your post in search engines. I don’t recommend you to use ping services regularly. Using more than required may harm your blog. I have good article on best ping list that surely help in gaining more knowledge on ping list.

4. Keywords and On Page SEO

How could you write a post without doing a keyword research? Keyword research guide contains many factors like choosing keywords related to content,  finding most searched keywords in google as per your article title. Using good keywords surely drive huge traffic to your post. Yes, learn how does google rank websites in search results? If you learn how google refines its search results than obviously you are in right track of on page SEO.

If you have a post on “ Top Costly Cars All Over The World“, then you should probably use related keywords like ” Most Expensive Cars in World” , ” Top Rated Cars in World” and “Best Sold Cars Ever Collected All Over World” and many like that. So do perfect keyword research and use them mostly in your first and last paragraphs in your blog post. Include them in middle also.

5. Blog Commenting

May or May not. There are many benefits of blog commenting you should know. Commenting on other blogs would give a backlink followed by free publicity to your new blog article. So always leave a valuable comment as soon as you finish reading articles on other blogs. Please note , always comment related to topic and make it long not short, Otherwise blog owner no longer have time to sit and think about your comment. If he sends your comment to spam, then you won’t be able to comment again on his blog with backlink.

6. Notification Or Recent Post Widget

You know visitors land on your website from different searches from search engines. So adding a recent post widget in your blog would draw attention of your visitors and make them migrate to this new published post. So must use recent post widget in your blog. You can also add notification bar at top or bottom in your blog to draw attention of visitors.

7. Develop Regular Visitors

Developing a brand in blogging is harder than gaining alexa rank below 50K. Ya, If you have good and quality content and have been providing your visitors with fresh , useful, good and unique content then, they surely stick to your blog and keep visiting your blog regularly. They don’t need any facebook, google+ or any other social networking sites. So develop good relations with other bloggers, don’t neglect new bloggers.

8. Sending Emails To Subscribed Users

How could be a website without feeds? So, users may have subscribed to your blog and they surely get their your post as notification to them. If you are in wordpress and allowed users to register to your site, then here is best plugin to send email notifications to registered wordpress users.


This post is not only increase traffic to your new blog post but also attracts visitors and improves your blog traffic quickly. So always write quality blog articles and stand out high. Using these techniques surely help your blog listed fast in search engines also.


Article By Tharun

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    It’s important to write a perfect title for blog article because users are coming to your blog after reading blog title.

    Ping services are really helpful..? Can you explain about ping services..?

    • says

      Hello Nikhil,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, ping services are really helpful to get indexed fast in search engines. But remember regular usage should be avoided. So I have given link in article for ping services so do check it out for more information. And I would be happy if you could tell me from where you visited my blog?

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    For real and consistent traffic inflow, cultivate blogging relationships. Blogging is a business and you need “supporters” to cement this business; hence, networking is important. It takes time to develop relationships but it is worth damn every second spent on this.

    ~ Chitraparna

    • says

      Hi Chitraarna Madam,
      I am glad to see you here in my blog. Yes developing good relations are must for every bloggers. Developing relations means indirectly gaining knowledge from other bloggers regarding SEO, blogging tricks and money making.

      Hope you would be back to my blog again. Thanks for your comment

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    Hello Tharun,

    Information article mate, The mentioned tips for generating traffic for new blog’s post are really helpful. No doubt social media plays a major role in getting good referral traffic to the new posts. Another thing is link building (quality backlinks of course) is also important to get the article indexed fast and get traffic from search results.


    • says

      Hello Ashish,
      Really your tips is just awesome. I forgot to include in my article but your gave up the best tip for quick indexing and increasing blog traffic for new blog posts. Developing good link building can be done by guest posting and asking admin to include a link back to his article.

      And second is commenting on list of dofollow commentluv enabled blogs. It’s my pleasure to see you here in my blog. Hope you would be back again in coming posts. Thanks

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    thanks sir for this great post. It’s important to write a perfect title for blog article because users are coming to your blog after reading blog title just like the first commenter rightly said. sir, I really appreciate your work here. it has been long since I drop comment on your post reason being that this lattet template is difficult for me to comment vie Mobile, i will be happy if you do something about it. thanks for your understanding.

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    Hi Tharun,
    Recently Google update Page Rank on 6 Dec 2013 & most of Webmasters & Blogger lost their website’s PR & So this Page Rank & some get benefit & some lost their Page Rank. Using these tips to drive traffic to my blog would surely increase my blog traffic. Thanks

    • says

      Hello Chauhan,
      Yes recent google page rank update made many blogs to drop their page rank and some got benefited. Any how page rank plays an vital role for webmasters only problem what google done is not updating it for long time. So it’s value decreased but it’s value raised now. Thanks for dropping here. Hope you would be back.

  6. Utsav says

    Thnx for sharing your very good idea on blogging to drive more targeted traffic to new blog posts.
    i am an old blogger but not get traffic because i haven’t focused on SEO articles.
    But now this time i am very interested to do SEO for my blog that will drive more traffic to my blog.
    You had written in a very good language, so i learned small and small thins also about SEO.
    thank for sharing your ideas.

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