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Godaddy vs comparison. Article on choosing best among godaddy or bigrock? First let me point out about godaddy. Godaddy is well heard name where ever you see all over the world. Godaddy is one the best domain registrars available today, controlling .. believe it over 45 million domains and increasing every minute.  They are always good and cheap to their products available in godaddy. Godaddy users get satisfied on many points like easy navigation, technical support and more tutorials available in the web. This tells us godaddy is famous when compared to bigrock. You have a question right now in your mind. That is, why this post raised if is best at their products. Yes goaddy is best at their products but not at offers.

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Bigrock is latest heard name, more in INDIA as a competition to godaddy. Bigrock is now controlling over 6 million domain names. Do you know why many new bloggers choose bigrock and they hate godaddy ?

Let me compare prices, services and offers between and

Choose the best from godaddy or bigrock
Comparison between godaddy and

1. Domain Prices listing competition

Godaddy is really awesome in providing users their products for cheap. Godaddy provides cheap rates to almost all products they handle. But it is highly recommended to go for only domain registration in godaddy if don’t wish by the end of this post. For hosting always go for hostgator or bluehost. Godaddy have some good coupon codes all over the world on internet to give you best and lowest price. Bigrock is running a successful domain registrar, if you want to choose bigrock use this link with best coupon discounts ( Coupon Code:  BRbrbrb ) If want to choose godaddy then use the below for 25% off for new customers(no coupon code required) go ahead and make your purchase.

New Customers get 25% off at!

BigRock Domain Pricing :

Website costs in
Pricing chart in bigrock

Godaddy Domain Pricing :

Pricing at godaddy
Godaddy domain pricing

2. Hosting Packages

Godaddy vs bigrock in hosting? Hmm… let me tell you a simple story again. Hosting means using wordpress or other rather than blogger. WordPress recommends bluehost as their best hosting service providers. Next it is always for hostgator. If you don’t prefer these two, then go for Why not goaddy? Godaddy is good at their services but many users tell not go for godaddy regarding hosting. I personally used it for a month, good not found any issues. You see many people reporting their problems to godaddy. So I don’t have a specific reason why you should not choose godaddy? I would surely come up with a good article for you on this issue. If you want to choose hostgator use this link and enter this code for 25 % off  Coupon Code:  besthostgator25 and enjoy their services that are amazing.

2. Customer services

Godaddy and bigrock give tough competition in this issue. There is no problem with their services. Neither godaddy nor bigrock wins in this issue both are equal. But as I mentioned above you can find more coupon codes and videos for godaddy. But this is not a problem, because every day you get more demos and articles even for big rock. So don’t worry on this issue. Both provide good services.

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3. Offers comparison between goaddy and bigrock

Comparing between bigrock and godaddy offers matters what made to write this post. Here you need to learn many things about offers. Godaddy wants you to pay everything what you purchase. But bigrock have some special offers for you. Godaddy gives you domain name for less prize, paying a bit more to bigrock would give you free services like emails accounts, private registration and much more.

The below listed are free services from bigrock along domain purchase :

What are email accounts?

If you have this question it shows you are new to professional field of blogging. Don’t worry by today you get what are email account? Email accounts are different from yours gmail like These emails account comes under your domain names like, ( 2 free email accounts on signup from Using these at your website gives professional feeling to you and your visitors. This helps to get more services.

Free privacy registration

Domain protection means on can know admin details with mobile number and address. These are not important but why do you loose on a free offer with bigrock. Privacy protection helps you have a secret detailed site.

Theft Protection

Theft protection is a special kind of offer from bigrock, it allows you to restrict anonymous user settings. These setting includes highly secured transfer so you don’t need worry about accidental transfers.

Final Vs Comparison chart
Products Godaddy Bigrock
Low Domain Pricing Yes No – use coupon code (BRbrbrb) for discount
Privacy Protection No Yes
Customer Services : Good Yes Yes
Free Email Accounts No YES ( 2 – Email Accounts )
Easy Navigation Menu Yes Yes
24*7 Live Support/td> Yes Yes
Domain Theft Protetion No Yes
Final Result Wins
NOTE :  If you are using blogger no doubt go for that is the best because you get two email account free private registration, secured domain. If you are in blogger and have a thought of wordpress hosted site then go for godaddy. In hosting they provide unlimited free email accounts so choose the best you need. The below shown are best collected deals for your hosting accounts.

Purchasing  Coupons :

Bigrock Hosting Coupon Code :   Click Here           Enter :   BR77712

Hostgator :      Click Here                  Enter Coupon Code :     besthostgator25

Bluehost    :      Click Here                 No coupon code required

Bigrock      :      Click Here                  Enter Coupon Code:      BRbrbrb

Godaddy    :       Clck Here                   No coupon code required


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