How Does Google Ranking Websites in Search Results?

Google is top ranked and best search engine. I and you surely know about this. After google humming bird update, google search algorithms changed a lot and there is a huge difference in displaying search results. I know you just want to find out how does google ranks your website in search results? Google is number one website in world, so surely it should be considering many factors regarding search results for quality websites and quality content. So google ranking websites different by naming a tool page rank. But search engines ranking is totally different.

How google search engines ranks websites
How does google search engine ranks websites

I am here with some good infographics about google ranking factors. Google considers Quality backlinks, Speed, Domain name ( TLD – Top Level Domain ) , Sever location and many factors to list your website top in search results. On my previous post on Infographics to increase Domain Authority (DA) is also a  good post to be considered worth for reading along this post.

The below shown infographics resembles how a search engines ranks a blog / website to get listed in search results? Google ranking algorithm is not out but surely on many research on search engines ranking factors we have found search engines considers more than 200+ ranking factors to be listed in top. This infographics is given by Thanks to them for giving us such detailed inforgraphics.

Some useful post that help you :

google website ranking factors

Hope the above infographics surely gave clear knowledge on google ranking websites. If you found this information useful then spread it by sharing and comment your thoughts.

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