How I Get My Adsense Account Approved After 4 times of Repeated Rejections?

Getting accepted to adsense for new bloggers is hard these days. You know achieving adsense account is something like having regular pocket money for daily uses. Many suggest adsense is not a permanent game in making money online. I do agree with this. Google Adsense is part of achievements in blogging career but not the final achievement in blogging. Getting adsense account approved fastly is something that happens easily in our dreams especially for new bloggers.

success adsense account approved  after repeated submissions

New bloggers get into blogging, why? Thinking of money. How to earn? Now comes the word “Adsense” This is known to each and every blogger. But 30% of users who are using adsense account, don’t know all policies regarding their terms and conditions. Adsense means “money” to new bloggers. Obviously for me too. I too entered into this field to make money online from blogging especially with google adsense. But things are harder than I thought. So the word “Money” means “ Adsense” even for me, a few months ago. But not now.

No doubt their are many ways to make money online without adsense. You better try for best alternatives for adsense if you can’t get adsense account. I recommend yahoo bing contextual ads and Infolinks. So as expected, I got my application rejected for the first time. Do you why? My blog doesn’t meet adsense policies. So rejected.

Why I am happy when my application rejected?

As usual, if application rejected, everyone search in google “My adsense application rejected. What to do?”. This is why most of blogger sign out from blogging. And some stick to it for rectifying issues and understanding their blogging mistakes. I stood in race and I am here today to share my experience how I got my adsense account approved after 4 times of repeated submissions.

The first one as said above rejected, due to website not complied with adsense policies. Why? Because, I have not read their terms and conditions and applied blindly as soon as I got a thought to apply for adsense. I applied within in one month after my domain registration date, got rejected. Then I went to their terms and conditions, read everything. And told to my heart, “You Idiot, you still have to work more to make your dreams come true”.

Second Time Disapproved

Second time disapproved again, why? I again applied before 6 months. Why I did this even after reading google adsense TOS. Because I found a post on shoutmeloud that his blog accepted within 4 months. So I thought to take a trial again this time. But rejected. Felt its ok. Let’s wait for six months. Again back to work. I applied in 3rd month.

The second time disapproved is due to low traffic. I understood it’s time to build online presence and get more traffic to my blog and started working on it. As expected, I worked to get traffic to my blog with in one month, I also drive traffic from United States to my blog. That made me happy.

Third Time Rejected

Waited for six months to get finished, this time I don’t want to get disapproved. So before applying I started to use my brain…haha lol… just kidding here. I just checked the required things to be ready to apply for adsense and finally submitted application. I was eagerly waiting for my account to get approved. First week gone with anxiety. Second week started.. I slowly forgot about adsense reply email. Third week, received an email for sponsored post request. While going through it, I saw +1 count in gmail unread inbox, immediately switched to it.

As expected, received email to place google ads in my blog for second review. I waited all over two weeks, then I got an email, you are rejected this time. But do you know what? Adsense not totally rejected me. It just sent a warning about few issues that made my application get rejected. So, adsense want me to remove copyright material in my blog, which was written few months back and resubmit my adsense application. I did not copy content, but adsense felt to be copyright material. So removed it.

Fourth Time Resubmitted my Adsense Application

Later resubmitted my application for second review. Again received email from adsense after four days of ad placement. This is totally different. Guess what? “Navigation”. Yes, navigation plays more important role compared to number of posts. So thought for an hour and checked few blogs of my friends, who’s website got recently approved to adsense. So made up a list of changes to be made for my website theme. Do you know, I am using a premium theme. But rejected due to improper navigation. It’s my mistake not theme.

Resubmitted Again

So made changes to navigation and applied. I waited…, waited and waited.. It has been more than a week. I felt more tempered… I don’t know what to do.. Dived into facebook and started asking friends who got recently accepted for adsense. Posted status and tagging my facebook friends. They told patience should be increased. So, waited in peace. So, I was live in gmail when compared to social media. But, I did not received email.

Thinking of adsense, I got a comment on my recent post “How and Where to build quality backlinks to your blog?” I got a comment and about to reply it. I opened post page, replied to comment. Do you know what?…. Ads are live in this post.  I noticed Godaddy domain ads are displaying below my post title. I was shocked.

Things to Remember :

  • Adsense is not sending emails to all accepted accounts. Only a few get an email from adsense, that adsense account is fully activated.
  • If ads started displaying, you almost got 95% of your account approved. Wait to get adsense confirmation email to your inbox.

I did not receive adsense email but ads are live. How I confirmed? I opened my adsense account, each time I open, I would get “your application received and its under review’. But instead, this time got a big bang.. there. The below is the screenshot..

adsense account welcome email after fully approved activated

So, this is how I got my adsense account fully approved after repeated rejections/disapprovals. But remember adsense in not a permanent way to make money online with your blogs. Its just a part of making money online. So, I should discuss two related topics, tricks to get adsense account approved fastly and how to understand and find solution to email sent from adsense team. My next articles would be on this. Stay Connected. And let me know how you felt when you got your adsense account. Drop a comment below. I will discuss number of posts, traffic and rest of details required to apply for adsense in my next post.

Article By Tharun

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  1. says

    Hey Tharun,
    A great post for the bloggers who want Google adsense on their websites. The google adsense is surely one of the great method of getting earnings through blogging.

    I wanted to ask you that, My adsense account was disabled due to some invalid activity that I don’t know,

    I thought my website was banned from google adsense, but when I checked it on a tool which told about banned websites, I got to know that my website was not banned from Google adsense, so is there any method to reinstall my account?? Please help

  2. says

    Hi Tharun, Congrats.. It seems, you fought like a Ghazni to get approved for your Adsene Account. Nicely explained the process and steps…. Thank god that I got approval for the first time of submission.
    Yeah… Site Navigation is the one of the main issue for Adsense approval, which is mostly neglected by the new bloggers. Any How enjoy earnings….

    • says

      Hi Md Zakir Sir,
      Long time here. How are you? I congratulate on your first time adsense account approval. I too got my account approved for first time submisssion and banned for invalid clicks. So I have not mentioned it. Any how your site is going well and happy for that. Thanks for taking your time to comment here sir. Have a great day.

  3. says

    First of all Tharun, I would say that this would be really an inspirational article for all those who’s adsense was repeatedly disapproved. Demotivate and fear of not to success just destroy one’s blogging future as in most of the case it has been seen that after 3-4 months a blog which was active for few days is now in vain and totally inactive resulting in spams and place for the spammers.

    Although, we need to accept the challenges we face in our blogging journey, Adsense too is a part of it when we always don’t get success. Well, for all those who’s adsense is disapproved I would say, keep clam, and keep trying. Try, Try and Try, success will come to you. Thanks for your motivation Tharun and thanks a lot for this wonderful and inspiring article. Have a great weekend.

    – Bishal Biswas

    • says

      Hi Bishwal brother,

      Surely this article will be helpful for new bloggers. No doubt adsense keeps on playing with bloggers and we all just a players in this. We bloggers need to face many problems in our journey to blogging. So Thanks for commenting here.

  4. pradeepkankarwal says

    Hi Buddy,,

    dear i am really feeling nervous after read your article .,, before 1 month i started blogging and i am eagerly waiting for “Money” approval… and not aware abut this rejection or disapproval …………. 🙁

    • says

      Hi Pradeep,

      Don’t get more excited for money especially with adsense. It gives you nothing expect a little pocket money. We are writing an article on adsense quick approval tricks. So hold for a day or two and use that guide. That would surely help you.

      Thanks for commenting and I would surely help you. Stick to bloggerbulk

      • Nitin Mohan says

        adsense approval is real hard to get as google rely only to those bloggers who follow googles policies blindly if we also start following the same then it would no more harder for us to get adsense approval

  5. says

    Hey tharun bro
    Nice article and Congrats bro for your adsense approval.And your are right bro adsense in not a permanent way to make money online with your blogs. But many more ways to get money online like affiliate marketing one of simple method to get good money.
    I also preferred to make your own product and sale it on your website to make your strong readership because adsense ads slow down our blog speed.
    Thanks for sharing your own experience on rejection of adsense account buddy 🙂

    • says

      Hi Vishal bro,

      Surely adsense is not a permanent way to make money online. We should also try for adsense alternatives. I do agree with affiliate marketing. But it tough then any other.

      thanks for commenting here.

  6. Shivaraj says

    Hey Tharun , First of all Congrats for approving your adsense account,and i appreciate your hardwork, keep on doing bro and even i also facing same problem 2 times they rejected ,i still trying to approve ,and thank you for sharing , from your article i come to know , we keep on doing hardwork until unless they prove our adsense account

  7. says

    Hiii Bro,

    you are right after several time of adsense application rejection many people think that “Ohhh, now i can’t be able to do this” and many of them give up from blogging but it shouldn’t be.

    Google checks the passion and consistency of Bloggers so, we no need to worry about my adsense application is not being accepted. I think 3 or 4 time rejection is normal thing in these days.

    Thanks Bro for sharing your experience with us. Newbies will learn lot’s of things from here.

    • says

      Hi Amit,

      Thanks for your comment here. Surely adsense rejects their applications especially for the people who appiled for first time. Because of their terms and conditions.

      But bloggers need to stick to adsense.

  8. Linda says

    Congratulations, your post really inspired me and the point is never give up. I have another blog that I created a few years ago (2010) but always rejected and after reading your article I will try to do some improvements, especially navigation

  9. Kulvir Singh says

    Congratulations for your adsense approval. This article is inspirational for those who applies for adsense but not get approval. Thanks again for providing great info.

    Best Wishes.

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