How to add addon domain to hostgator cpanel (new website)?

Today Hostgator cpanel tutorial on adding new addon domain. Adding your other domains to your existing hosting account is quite confusing if you are new to wordpress. I mean hosting. Yes, you are permitted to host unlimited domain names. But you limited to few rules like Inodes, Processes Running, Bandwidth and few other.

how to add new addon domain hostgator cpanel baby plan account
How to add addon domain to hostgator cpanel (new website)?

So, don’t go with plenty of sites. So, if you have an baby plan hosting account in hostgator, then you can add your other websites to this hosting account. Before we get into tutorial make sure you have updated nameservers in your domain registrar that points to your hostgator nameservers. So let’s enter into tutorial.

1.  Log in to your hostgator cpanel. You almost have a specific address for this. If you forgot, then go for

2. After logging in, scroll down to domain sections, click on “Addon Domains“.


What is Addon Domain?

An addon domain is a secondary hosted on a Cpanel account. Addon domains typically have their own distinct websites.

In the next window, you need to fill up list of options for creating a new addon domain. Make sure you choose strong password. And you need to remember FTP username. See the below image for clear information.


Now, click on add domain to finish adding addon domain to hostgator cpanel.  Now you are done. If you visit your website link, you  should find hostgator “403 forbidden page“. If you didn’t get this, your nameservers have not updated properly or you need to wait for few hours until your nameservers get totally changed to hostgator.

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    Helpful and very easy to follow tutorial by you Tharun 🙂 Thanks for sharing these steps on adding addon domains to hostgator cpanel with our Domain.

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