If you are here then I understood you have a problem in changing your facebook fan page web url. If you dont have it right now then check my post for creating a facebook fan page. Ok then this is quite simple. By the end of this tutorial you are gonna learn how to change facebook fan page url. Ok before getting into this tutorial. Let me tell you about facebook fan page url updation.

Facebook has enabled the option to create a facebook fan permanent url directly in the time of registeration read my post for changing directly at the time registration. Previously the facebook need not provided a permanent facebook fan page url, If you want permanent facebook fan page url then you need to get atleast 25 likes to your facebook fan page. Ok this is quite easy if your is a true branded company page or true artist page or ….. But because of many users in facebook, many create a page of their respective manner and if facebook gets a doubt or not satisfied on the information you are giving at the time of creating a facebook fan page, then facebook won’t be giving your permanent facebook fan page url. Inorder to get the facebook permanent fan page url you need to get 25 like as I said before.

Ok if this is the thing.

  • Get likes makes more prominent role for facebook permanent url
  • Because Facebook checks the only likes you have
  • You need 25 likes so that facebook decides that you are eligible for creating a facebook permanent fan page URL
  • Make sure you should always ask your friends to like your page.
  • Let your friends to stay connected
  • Make sure when you post something on your page give a link to your facebook page.
  • This helps you more.

    After getting 25 likes to your page then your are eligible for updating faebook fan page url. So all you need to do is that visit facebook and login into your account and then you need to go to your respective page. All your facebook pages are found here.

    • After going to the above link to find all your pages then your need to select your page
    • Then at right side it show you to enter the desired username
    • After typing the desired username you need to click on “Check Availability”
    • Then you get the second image show below, telling you that your page username is set.
    • Make sure you have 25 likes to your page.

    Hope you got this tutorial helpful.
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