Convert Your Comments Into Doffollow To Get more comments

You might have notice many blogs give you a dofollow links to your comments as we do. And you might have worried that, whether your blog is a dofollow blog or not. If that’s the problem then by the end of this article you will be able to know whether your blog is dofollow blog or not. And I would be also explaining you how to convert your comment links in your blog into dofollow links. By doing this you would be able to get more comments and more traffic to your site. Which helps in directly increasing you pagerank and alexa ranking. Because you providing them a backlink. This makes the blog visitors comment on your blog. But note you should out of spamming. Check this article on how to prevent blogger blog from getting spammed.

Spammed blogs would not be able to participate in page rank race.

Covert comments into dofollow
Covert comments into dofollow

Short explanation about dofollow

DoFollow blogs gives high quality backlinks to your site. Just participate in commenting on dofollow blogs like us. Remember getting a quality backlinks to your site is success for better SEO. There are two types of backlinks you get commeting on other blogs.

Shot explanation about nofollow

NoFollow is simply nothing. It won’t be giving you a backlink to your site. So don’t waste your time on commenting a nofollow blogs. I have also made an article on why should you comment on other blogs?. Read that article you really missed it.

This surely means that when you Comment on A DoFollow Blog Search engine Spiders will follow you link and It will Appear as a backlink and will also help you in gaining pagerank. As I previously told you, changing your blog into a dofollow blog would surely give you more comments on your blogs which is directly more traffic.

But the problem what you are thinking is how to convert your blog into a dofollow blog. I know you think that might be complicated but not. All you need to do is spend on a minute on this artcile and you will be able to convert you blog into a dofollow blog.

Tutorial in converting a blog into a dofollow blog

  1. Login into Blogger
  2. Select your blog if you have many
  3. Then migrate to TEMPLATE –> Click on “EDIT HTML
  4. Then find for the below code
  5. After finding the code just delete  rel=’nofollow’
  6. Then click on save template .


expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’>

 How to convert a wordpress blog in dofollow blog ?

If that’s your doubt then you need to download a plugin. I have given a link below.

Then save you template. Hope this helped. 

Also note droping a comment below would give you a backlink to your blog or website

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