Display Profile Picture In Google Search Results Besides Links

Profile indicates as your blogging expert. Check whether your profile is displayed in google search results or not. If you have not done the below custom setting to display your profile picture in google search results then it won’t. I was wondered when I have searched and found my profile picture is not displaying google results besides links. Then on my search enquiry the below is the solution to make your profile picture visible in google search results.

Display profile pic next to search result in google

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a just a part time blogger, you can still have your google plus profile pic displayed beside your posts in google search results.Make sure you have created a page like About The Author as I have done it. I also want you to connect your Google+ Profile pic to your blog. This is also some important thing. And other important thing you need to say to google is that who wrote the post ? Yes, If it is you, then you need to install a widget displaying author’s bio under the posts.

You must then link to your Google+ profile page in your author’s bio widget, if you don’t want to install any such widget then create a widget at your sidebar because Google need to know that you are the author.

“About The Author Page “  in your blog. Right..!

The below is the code how the code should be if not please edit in HTML mode and correct them. 

Now link back your google + profile to your blog

Then go to your Google+ Page ( Check Out Mine ) you just change the code as you done above the code looks like https://plus.google.com/104743262910595964831/about and hit the edit button. Add the about page you edited earlier to Other profiles. Also under Contibutor to, add the full link to your blog here and also be sure you set both to public. Because the public need to watch you right. That’s all you are done.

Then what is the next step ?

Regarding your work is over. Leave it Google to verify this and display your  profile on search results. Here is the tip to make this verification fast. You need to use a perfect headshot pic, indicates clear face view.

Checking it with google rich snippets

  • Enter post URl and click preview if the result shown below contains you pic then you are done
  • Enter your google+ url below where you find Authorship Email Verification and click verify authorship
Authorship verfication in google search results
  • These are everything you should do.
  •  I did and I think it should work for you as well. 
  • Google might take a couple of weeks.

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