Feedburner. You have well experience in using your feed burner right. You sound Yes. But, Some people are not familiar with the options in the feedburner. Getting into this tutorial will make you to learn how to enable your feed count in feedburner. This is recommended for the people who are interested in increasing there reader count. How this helps you? If that’s the question then you have remember that, you have many user who have subscribed to your feeds by email. When a new reader comes to your blog, displaying feed count makes him to get impressed and he/she make subscribe to your feeds. So displaying feed count makes you get more readers to your blog in another words, getting more traffic.

But it was hard for the people who are not familiar with the options provided by feedburner. So let me make your clear on this issue. Today you will be learning how to use enable feed count. Remember you have an account already, with feeds in it. I mean linked to your blog. If not make that done.

  • Then select your blog


how to add feedbuner count in blogger

  • The go to PUBLICIZE TAB
how to get feed burner count
  • Choose the FeedCount option, from the left navigation bar.


Set the options for your button:
  • Static or animated (I recommend static, because things that flick unnecessarily are annoying)
  • Font colour for the background
  • Font color for the text


how to find out number of reader in feedburner

At the bottom of the screen, click the Activate button.

  • Copy the HTML that is shown, and add it to your blog in the same way that you would add clicking on Add a Gadget in your layout page ( or ) you can use the option below the code see the image below select your platform like “BLOGGER” OR ” TYPEPAD “. Then click on GO. If you choose blogger, you get a new tab to add gadget to your blog. Hope you can manage that.

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