How to Optimize Blog for Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)?

Search engines are no doubt the biggest sources of blog traffic. You may be saying, “No social media is first“. Might be social media, but only for instant traffic. Social media surely helps to get more blog traffic, but they are not ever lasting traffic sources. So today we will discuss few blog optimizing techniques for search engines like google, bing and yahoo.

how to optimize blog for search engines

Targeting search engines like google for traffic by optimizing blog is highly recommended for long lasting traffic. So we need to learn how to optimize blog for search engines? Below is our check list.

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Meta Description
  • Website Template / Theme
  • Niche
  • Title Optimizations
  • Image Optimizations
  • Sitemap
  • Keyword Injections
  • Redirections
  • Quality Content

Domain Name

It is all about keyword rich domain name. Choosing right domain with keywords will surely help you alot. I think you might be thinking about “Keyword Density“. Don’t worry about keyword density. This is what micro niche blogs are created for more earnings via adsense. While choosing a good domain you need to consider some important tips like short, easy readable and sharable. Always go for .com first. Remember don’t compromise on this. Next priority should be .org and .net in choosing domain name. If you are not aware in choosing right domain name then read detailed study in picking up right domain names for business and search engines.


Hosting is not a big deal. Why? Because hosting only matters when it comes to platform. You know blogger give unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. When it comes to wordpress, problems keep on raising. WordPress is no doubt a professional platform for bussiness. I thought dealing with wordpress is tough but not. I am happy with my blog hosting in hostgator. I migrated from blogger to wordpress. Blogger and wordpress blogs can be highly optimized for search engines.

Meta Description

Meta description is a website tag that clearly explains contents of web pages. Meta description should be used added must in your website for good crawl and effective increase in SERP. Make sure you select keywords related to website with smart thinking. This will surely boost your SERP in google. And also note not to exceed 160 characters. So choose your description around 150-160 characters.

Website Templates / Themes

Using awesome eye catchy design is must? Yes. You should also note that using responsive design is also a factor of fast google adsense approval tips. And this is my personal experience. My application rejected due to bad design. Bad design indicates “not responsive” and not designed for easy navigation. Adsense / google crawl bots need an attractive and easy navigation for users. So I recommend to use fast loading seo optimized blog templates for your blog. Before you want to purchase any theme, keep two things in mind. Is theme compatible to latest seo updates and theme is responsive?


How to choose the best niche? Best niche indicates most visited, with maximum $0.50 CPC and low competitive. So you know that first step is important to reach success in blogging. So don’t get into work unless you find a good niche for blogging. Check some list of high CPC adsense earning niches, if you are looking for money.

Title Optimizations

I saw many in my blogging journey about title optimizations. Title optimizations are building blocks of traffic especially from social media like stumbleupon and reddit. Title tag optimization contains few tips like, choosing two different title tag for search engines and blog readers. You can use seo title tag optimization trick to get more traffic from search engines, where as attractive title to drive attention of users from social media, blog commenting. Commenting on commentluv enabled dofollow blogs, will help you to get traffic. How? Just use this attractive title method here.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is must to get more blog traffic from google image search results. Check Image optimization guide for more tips. I used these image optimization tips in my personal blog, and experienced awesome rank position in google and gained more traffic even from image search results. Always create a image sitemap for wordpress blog and submit to google for better ranking.


As soon as you create your website, you need to create sitemap for your blog and submit to google webmaster tools. Without sitemap your posts don’t get indexed in google. So as soon as you setup your site, immediately create and submit your site sitemap to google. You can also submit your sitemap to bing and yahoo webmaster tools.

Keyword Inserting

All most the toughest part that takes more time in blogging to understand is doing keyword research and inserting keywords in your blog posts. Before inserting, you need to find the best keywords related to your post. Make sure you are safe from “Keyword Stuffing”

Keyword Stuffing means using excess limit of keywords. It is clear that, you should not cross around 2% of keywords in entire article. Remember keywords in comments also get into count. So make a note of this.

The best recommend places to insert/place keywords in your blog post after meta description are 1 st paragraph of your blog post and last paragraph.

301 Redirection

Setting up 301 redirect of your blog is must. New blog to old blog, old blog posts to new blogs. I know you can manage setting up redirection to new url in wordpress or blogger. So if you can do it, you are done what I am going to say. If not I refer Setup auto 301 permanent redirect to home page in blogger or set 301 permanent redirect in wordpress.

What about www. and non www. ? Have you ever thought about it? It is clear that if 50 websites point to your domain with and 100 websites point to then search engines can crawl both links but considers as different websites, though they are same sites.


Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_Host} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

So add the above code in your .htaccess file to fix this problems. Another method is by doing settings in google webmaster tools, click on settings and select what google want to consider your site either with www. or without www.


Hope you found this blog optimizing tips for search engines useful. Don’t forget to optimize your blog for search engines no matter what ever may be your niche. If are doing so you won’t get more blog traffic from search engines. We will discuss about quality content in upcoming posts. Hope you comment what blog optimizing?

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      Hi Venkat,
      Thanks for your nice words. Hope you keep visiting and let me know if you have any doubts. We should optimize blog is must to rank well in search engines. Without we can rank, if we don’t rank, no traffic. No traffic so success

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    Hi Tharun,

    Really helpful tips you have shared in here.

    My attention got glued to the aspect of Image optimization you mentioned. Most people are missing out on this, the use of image, if properly optimized can give high volume of organic traffic from Google.

    Thanks for sharing my friend

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      Hi James sir,
      How are you doing? Yes image optimization is also an important factor of blog optimization for search engines. We need to take it more serious. As per my side I have experience some awesome traffic from google.

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  2. Arsie Organo says

    Hi Tharun,

    I agree with your checklist and find it really helpful specially for those bloggers who are in the starting phase. And also I can’t disagree about social media. Social media is indeed one of the most considerable source of web traffic but like what you describe, it’s instant. We should focus more on optimizing our keywords for SERP and not via social media or other referrers.

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    Very nice post
    i think those tips can help not only newbies but also for bloggers who feel desperate on this field.
    And your point of view about social media is absolutely right, it can be considered a tool for us to get more traffic and followers but unfortunately it’s instant.
    thanks for your sharing and looking forward to your new post.


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      HI Stephan,
      Yes but mostly for new bloggers. Thanks for visiting us and hope you would stick to our site for more upcoming post. Thanks for your comment. Have a great day and check your email. I have some thing to offer.

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      Hi Jery,
      Firstly, thanks for commenting here. Social media is a part of optimizing blog for search engines. Social media may or may not take your blog to top in google. But I want you to check this google search link below :–FBIPV8gfGjYDABQ#q=guest+blogging

      you will notice that for a keyword “guest blogging” you see recent post of Matt Cutts got top #1 in google.

      This is due to two main reasons. You might have seen that, his post gone viral in social media like twitter and facebook. And the second thing is backlinks. Some thousand of website linked to this post and with in a day of publishing his post, this article took first position in google. So i surely can say social media will boost your position in google, but I can’t guarantee 1st position. Hope you got me.

      I think you would be back soon. Thanks

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    A lot of good tips and links for further reading. I’ve completed some of these tips and still working on some as well.

    I can make this post as a reference point and hopefully tick all the boxes within this year.

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    Fantastic guide on how to SEO a blog post. This can seem like a never ending task, but certainly an important one. Skipping these tasks is only going to mean you are skipping the potential for free traffic on your site!

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    Yea great post when or if you’re looking for what some of the SEO terms are. SEO is always changing so fast at times I wonder if ti’s even worth paying attention to, it’s just easy to set everything to No Follow and move on.

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      Hi Brain sir,
      How are you doing? Feeling happy to see you in my blog commenting here. And what you said is true. No one can say how SEO will change in future. But your suggestion with link nofollow to move on is awesome idea. Thanks for commenting and hope you will be back again sir.

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