How To Prevent Google Analytics Tracking Your Visits.

Today Many People Choose Blogger to be there platform for blogging.But Blogger does not have an inbuilt visitor tracking software. Hence bloggers are forced to install some other like Statcounter or Google Analytics.

You can prevent your visits being tracked by Statcounter by checking that option during the configuring code process before pasting it in your template. For Google Analytics the process is slightly more complicated……….


An IP address is a set of four numbers assigned to a computer by an Internet service provider (ISP) to be its permanent address on the Internet during the period of connection. To see your IP address right click your connection icon in the system tray at bottom right on your computer screen and choose Properties. If this set of four numbers that change every time you connect then you have a dynamic IP address which is a temporary one for the duration of that connection. If they remain the same it is a static IP address.

If your ISP is assigning a dynamic IP address to your computer when it connects to the Internet use the following method :


Login at and click on Layout link on Dashboard. Then click on Edit Html subtab of Template tab. In the template box scroll down to this code :




Enable cookies in all the browsers you are using to access your blog. In Firefox go to Tools—–>Options—–>Privacy—–>Cookies—–>Check the box to Accept Cookies from Sites——>OK.

In Internet Explorer go to Tools—–>Internet Options—->Privacy—–>Advanced—->Check the Accept boxes and click OK.


The last step is to create an Exclude filter in your Google Analytics account settings to remove data from visitors with this cookie. For this login to your Google Analytics page and click on Analytics Settings at top left. Then click on Filter Manager link at bottom right. Click + Add Filter in top frame of Filter Manager and set these settings :

Filter Type: Custom filter > Exclude
Filter Field: User Defined
Filter Pattern: no_report
Case Sensitive: No

In Apply Filter to Website Profiles select the blog from your blogs in the left side box. Click Add to transfer it to right box.

Click Finish. Lastly visit your blog from your machine to set the cookie.


If you are having a static IP address or wish to avoid traffic from a group of static IP addresses from being reported :

1. On Google Analytics Settings Page click on Filter Manager.

2. Create a filter by clicking on + Add Filter in top frame of Filter Manager.

3. Filter Type: Custom filter > Exclude all traffic from an IP address.

4. Enter the IP address in this format :


If the address you wish to exclude is 274.362.5.5

5. If you want to enter a range of addresses use this tool.

6. Apply Filter to Website Profiles by selecting the blog from your blogs in the left side box. Click Add to transfer it to right box.

7. Click Finish.

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