How to tag Facebook Friends in Facebook Fan Page Status Updates?

If you are looking to tag your friends in facebook fan page status this guide surely gonna help you. Facebook tagging can be done in many ways like tagging in status, commenting, tagging in pics. But if you want to tag friends in your fan page status without using scripts, then you need to know two important things.

Firstly, facebook tagging means exposure to more users. Facebook tagging has been a more essential ways to build some high targeted fan page these days and of course quickly. So tagging works very well. Before you learn tagging, have you observed tagging done by other facebook fan page users..? Sorry I mean admins? In what kind of post, they tag their friends..? I can surely say, you have not observed. If you have observed, you would surely known the trick. Facebook tricks like finding location of login details with device in facebook and posting flip text in facebook status are awesome. I recommend to have a look at them.

How to tag friends in facebook fan page status?

I don’t want to waste your time. We shall straightly head into tutorial. So log into your account, open your facebook fan page,. I think you are able to see a notification use facebook fan page as, so switch to your fb fan page username.


Now let me tell you what actually works for tagging your friends in your status. Unlike a regular profile link, you won’t be able to tag friends/users in fan page status, so you need to understand the difference between regular facebook profile and fan page facebook profile. When it comes to regular facebook profile in status settings you have this icon to tag your friends.

tagging facebook friends in facebook fan page status updates

So the above clear explains why tagging friends is not available in facebook fan page. So tagging is done here in another for facebook fan pages. Before you learn this trick, note that, tagging cannot be done with text status update. I think you almost got me.

In order to tag friends you need these two things to remember,

  • You should be friend with the person whom you want to tag
  • You should use image in your status.

So the above mentioned are must for tagging your friends in facebook fan page status. So remember tagging option is not available for status updates. You should must have an image to tag friends in facebook fan page. As said above tagging is done different. You won’t be able to get tag option as shown for general profile status. Follow below steps to done tagging successfully.

Upload your image

Post it

*  Click on image, click on Tag Photo, then drag a square on the image, you get a type box, type your friends name you want to tag.


*  Click on Done Tagging.

You have successfully completed tagging your friends in your facebook fan page status. So remember you should must use image to get option for tagging. I hope this tittle tutorial made you learn tagging well. I would be happy if you could use your social media accounts to share this article. Do comment for any help.

Article By Tharun

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  1. Shivaraj says

    Thank you for your information Tharun,actualy i had one fanpage but dont no how to tag Facebook i got from your article 🙂

    • says

      Hi Shivaraj,

      Yes your fan page will go viral now. Use this trick. Little help you can offer me if you found this facebook tagging trick is good, then please share in social media. Thanks for commenting and hope you would be back.

  2. says

    Hello Tharun,

    Surely tagging is a great way to get more exposure to our fan pages but sometime it being annoying too for our friends. Tagging them without asking them is definitely not a good idea. It will only hurt your reputation.

    What I believe is if you and your friend is owning the same fan page then tagging him is a great idea. It will attract his/her friends too to like the page.

    Anyway we must learn new things daily and this is also a great trick to learn as a Internet marketer.


    • says

      Hi Ankit brother,
      No doubt tagging a part of facebook tricks. I agree with you about tagging without asking friends is a bad idea. But all I mean is to reveal the trick behind tagging friends in fan page status updates.

  3. says

    Facebook has introduced this tagging system in order to share your thoughts with other person(s), yet I personally think it’s a brilliant way to target new clients and also to get more and more expose for our pages, groups, etc. Well, but among this great feature, extra/over tagging led to various problem. Yet, we can even get more expose without tagging and promoting our brand effectively.

    Thanks for the great contribution, have a great weekends.
    – Bishal Biswas

    • says

      Hi Bishal,
      I welcome to my blog. Yes tagging might rise to some problems but I want to make it clear how tagging is done here. Thanks for commenting.

      Getting more exposure can be done using this tagging trick in facebook. This will surely help to promote a business or product quickly then any other.

      Hope you would be back.

  4. Sachin says

    thanks dear friend for this post
    some days ago i have face this problem ….but today help me solve the problem
    thanks its real helpful for status update tag..

  5. says

    Hiii tharun,

    This is really a nice idea of increasing likes of facebook page. Most of the people are still not tagging their Facebook Friends in Facebook Fan Page Status Updates.

    I saw that some people firstly share that Status Updates on their profile and then tag Facebook Friends. you really mentioned a great step by step tips to tag friends in facebook fan page status.

    This post is going to help so many people who wish to tag their friends in facebook fan page status. I liked this post. keep updating Bro.

    I found this useful post on and became attracted to read full post. I loved it 🙂

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