Tips In Writing Quality and Interesting Blog Post

Writing a quality blog post is important to attract users. Publishing a lengthy post doesn’t mean you have done everything. The way you represent matters. So today lets learn some tips to write a quality amazing blog post. You might have written articles on many topics. Ask your readers whether they have satisfied or not? They help what’s wrong in your presentation. I also ask you.

Writing a quality blog post guide

1. Headings

Inorder to make your post more interesting. Use headings and sub headings. Using these would give a special look and explains what the matter under is about. So always try to use perfect heading and subheading. Remember to use h1 tag for your post title and h2 for your sub headings. Google SEO priority order goes like h1 first, h2 second, then h3, h4 and so on

2. Paragraphs

Use paragraphs if your post is lengthy. Yes, long posts may be avoided. As visitors have no time to spend on such a lengthy post. Dividing into paragraphs doesn’t decrease your words but it makes attractive and sticky to article. So never forget to divided your post into paragraphs.

3. Use at least one Image

I always recommend this. Never forget to use image. Always include a image related to your post. Because a single image can explain your entire article. So go for using best and high quality image in your article. Try to use your own image. If you use others, include credits. Else google wants to bite you.


4. English is important ?

Yes, a most and important part of your writing skills. A blog with English is good enough. Because English is all over the world. So using other languages like Hindi, Telugu and other would be fixed to a particular country or state. So just use English. If you want to use English? Then learn English. Blogger provides to add language translation widget use them. If your traffic is from different countries.

5. Develop Skills

Spend time on reading novels or articles. Go for news papers. Reading articles on other blogs also helps to develop your skills. Good skills helps to write a good post. So never forget to develop them. If you are weak in English. Go for special classes. Until you get a confidence, so that you can manage any blog post by your self. Never use complicated words. Do you think your readers have time to search for meaning and continue? No.

6. Corrections

You might have given a good article for your readers. But what if you have not checked you spellings? Human make mistakes. But correction is important. So, after finishing your blog post just check it your self. And you find many to be changed. Don’t neglect grammar and spellings. Because user hate meaningless sentences.

7. Start strong

From very first line of your blog post write it interesting. Make your readers to get engaged in your article. Attract them to your style of writing making fun, and telling them the truth. Readers stick to your site only when they found something interesting in your post. So make them interesting.


8. Ask questions

Readers get engaged more with your content, if you ask them questions. So make your readers to get involved in your blog posts. Ask questions would surely get comments. So be active and make them active towards your content.

9. Maintain originality

Always prefer to write to a good content. Maintain originality in your blog. Finding duplicate content would push your back. So don’t irritate user with same content they found in other blogs. Always give them updated content.

10.  No broken links

You might have been linking many related posts in your post. So be aware of using broken links. This affects your traffic, bounce rate. Google webmasters also find your broken and counts them in errors. You can fix errors in google webmaster tools, that would surely help you. Try linking related topics only.

11. Highlight keywords

Highlight keywords in your blog posts. It is a an factor of SEO. Highlighting keywords would give special look to your article. So try the above mentioned.

12. Feel the post

Make your visitors more interactive. Write a post to target a new blogger, who doesn’t know anything. Explaining basics make your blog post more interesting to new blogger. If new blogger stick to your site, they never leave. Feel as if you are explaining to a new person and make a quality blog.

Final Words : Don’t target search engines target visitors. Visitors indirectly target traffic using social media. If they like your post they keep on sharing. So write for people.

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