Tips on How to Increase Google Adsense RPM? ( Revenue )

RPM is shortly defined as “Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM)“. Increasing tips on adsense RPM should be smartly implemented. I say RPM varies from different country locations. Adsense RPM is also responsible for your increase/decrease in CPC ( Cost Per Click ). Before you learn few tips to improve RPM, you need to learn what is adsense RPM  and how it is calculated.

increase adsense rpm

What is RPM?

RPM stands for “Page revenue per thousand impressions (RPM)” in adsense terms. It can also be calculated by a simple formula as it defines.

RPM = ( Estimated Earnings/ Number of pageviews ) * 1000

So the above formula clearly explains that RPM depends on pageviews and estimated earnings. Estimated earnings would vary depending on CPC and CTR. You need to understand if your CTR is high then surely your account in risk. But if you would like to increase your adsense earnings then you should have more clicks.

tips on how to increase adsene rpm
RPM is high when earning is more from USA

1. Target USA, Canada, Australia, UK

I found my adsense RPM varies depending clicks that I receive from USA, Australia or other countries. If you receive more clicks from low cpc countries like India, China, Pakistan and few, then I can guarantee your RPM decreases very fastly. So I found driving traffic from USA to my blog helps to increase my RPM quickly. If you receive good clicks from USA, UK like countries this would surely also help to increase in CPC.

2. Pageviews Responsible

Pageviews are responsible for your RPM.

Ex: As RPM is calculated per thousand impressions. Let’s consider a small example. If you RPM is $10 then your estimated earning is $10 per thousand impressions. So you can easily calculated how much earnings you can generate if you have 5 K hits to your site. I mean 5 * 10 = $50. So pageviews and clicks matter here. Note: these are just estimated calculation and may vary for sure.

So remember if your pageviews are increasing and not receiving clicks then your should remember your RPM gradually decreases. So place adsense ads below post title in your blog and other places to get more CTR. I do recommend to have 1%-3% CTR to place safe gave regarding adsense.

NOTE:  The above information is not guarantee because we have no control over clicks and CPC. So this is just an information about how RPM varies and how to play safe game with adsense. Also check why adsense debited $$ from your finalized earnings.

Article By Tharun

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  1. Atif Mansoor says

    Hi Tharun,
    Really an informative guide about increasing Google AdSense RPM for increasing revenue. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

  2. says

    Hai tharun, i have a small doubt here, can we manage the ads which display on our website? Somebody said that RPm aslo depends upon the ad that is shown up in the site. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Muji,
      No one know what ads are exactly shown. Basically adsense considers the article text and displays ads related to the article. But the fact is RPM is highly dependent on “CTR” and “Clicks” that we receive from high CPC countries.

      As per your doubt, managing ads to be displayed cannot be controlled. But we can stop displaying ads by blocking certain category ads like beauty, technology, hosting such stuff. Inorder to bloc displaying certain ads,
      Login to your adsense dashboard, click on Allow and Block ads” >> General Categories >> and block the category ads which you don’t need.

      My Tip:
      Before you do this make sure you do a little research about this “blocking adsense particular category ads” and proceed further. You should notice about impression rate and earning rate. You can block categories which have more impression rate when compared to earnings rate.

      Hope this helps you… 🙂 Keep Visiting……..

  3. says

    Hey Tharun

    I have read your article completely and i have gained a lot from it. I m very happy to have found you
    These are great tips – thank you. I’m impressed by your blogging
    Thanks for the tips and I look forward to reading more posts in the future!

    Excellent blog, Thanks so much for sharing

  4. says

    Awesome tips. I guest they pay more for audience from US and Canada since their currently is lot higher than other countries such as China, Pakistan, India etc.

    • says

      Hi Rudd,
      Sure adsense gonna pay more and more for such countries. So getting clicks from high CPC countries surely increases adsense RPM.

      Thanks for commenting, keep visiting.

    • says

      Hi Madan,
      Hope you are doing well. Surely you gonna find more information in this site related to google adsense.
      Thanks for your comment and keep visiting 🙂

  5. says

    It all depends on the clicks, the RPM is only a measure of the clicks. One should focus on the placement that has good CTR. It isn’t same for everyone.

    One should opt for A/B testing and then go for the best one.

    Getting clicks from the countries like USA, UK increases the revenue, so one should develop methods to get traffic from such countries.

    Thanks for sharing your views.

  6. says

    Hello Tharun,

    Nice post!
    In my views, RPM is not more important to earn money from adsense. All we need to focus on the Cost per click, in short CPC. Higher the CPC, higher you paid for per click. CPM is considerd as the cost per miles or the rate you earn per 1000 views. If somehow we manage to get Good amount of clicks to our adsense ads, we could earn high from Adsense,

    US, Uk visitors are important to get Nice CPC and CPM. Getting traffic from USA and Uk is quiet easy if we done promotion of blog correctly.

    Thanks for the article!

  7. says

    Adsense is of course the people’s choice wen it comes to monetization of sites and it is a great thing sharing some tips on get more cash through it.
    Traffic from the US and other major countries obviously brings lots of cash but the question I ask myself is this; why drive away visitors because of some few cents?

    Thanks for this Tharun. Do have a great week.

  8. Naved Khan says

    Great ways to increase adsense income. Google Adsense is the best advertising program and is the only source to make money from my blog. Thanks a lot for the awesome tips to increase adsense revenue. 🙂

  9. Harman says

    Hi Tharun, most of the traffic for my website comes from Russia followed by United States, yet Page RPM is low (usually 0.32-0.37 $) as well as impression RPM (0.00 – 0.15$). Is there a way to improve this?

  10. Adesanmi Adedotun says

    Traffic from USA, UK and Australia seems the best when it comes to boosting AdSense RPM. But some bloggers don’t really care about RPM as long as they have quality traffic and reasonable number of clicks per day.

  11. Ravinder Kadian says

    I have tried to place more number of ad units to increase revenue from my websites, but it does not performed well.
    Then I tried it with 3 ad units per page and my CPC automatically doubled. This happened because as i reduced number of ads, competition for the advertisers also increased. So, advertisers, who pay hight cpc, was only able to show ads on my pages.
    So i will suggest you to place at most 3-4 ads per page. It will not affect your CTR but surely will increase your CPC though RPM.
    I hope this will help 🙂

  12. jessica says

    Thanks for this great info ..but how can we increase visitors from foreign countries like US.A , Australia . 70% of the total visitors on my blog are from India and I use to post related to trendy content and festivals .Can you please suggest the content in order to drive traffic from high CPC countries ?

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