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Today its Atish Ranjan Shrivastrava from TechTricksWorld Atish Ranjan is good at helping other and also a good blogger, whom I love to visit his blog regularly to find good stuff. So I am here thinking of  taking an interview with Atish brother, So  I called him to share his blogging experience with me and I am very much thankful for his interview.
So it’s time to begin our interview with Atish Ranjan, 1 2 3….. let’s go…..

1. Hey! Atish Ranjan bro. Welcome to my blog I know who you are. But let my blog readers know it, please introduce yourself to us.

First of all I would like to thank you Tharun for giving a platform to speak about myself. I am Atish Ranjan from India (Founder of who loves blogging more than anything else in the world. Apart from blogging, I do work for a firm as Sr. SEO.
Basically I am from Sitamarhi(Bihar) but I moved to Delhi after completing my 10th board and from then I am in Delhi. Here I have completed 12th then BCA and started working after that.

Atish Ranja ( )

2. Why you entered into blogging why not any other?

Frankly speaking, I don’t know the answer as when I started a blog on blogspot I wasn’t aware about what I was doing is called blogging. Its all got started as I loved to share tips and tricks with others.

3. How many days you have been blogging? What do you feel about blogging?

I have been blogging since 2010 which means more than 3 years. I feel blogging is one of the best things I have chosen to do. Its my passion and later it turned into a money earning source too.

4. How do you manage to update your blog regularly?

Initially I and Zainil used to write all the posts for our blogs TTW, 2012 onwards and Stooges but as later we expanded our blogging network we started taking help from paid writers a bit to update rest of the blogs.

5. Best traffic generation source to

Google Organic and Direct are the best traffic channels for however Facebook, pinterest , Stumbleupon and other blogs are sending good traffic to TTW too.

6. Could tell which social media sites give huge traffic to our blog? And also tell us how to use them effectively?

Facebook is the top referral if I talk about social traffic for I used to share the blog posts on TTW’s FB fan page and then I do share the same on my time line too. After this I do share the post in few groups and also in Justretweet that helps the post to get more likes which results into good traffic.
The main thing you have to keep in mind while sharing your post on social media is to show your posts to targeted audience.

7.    How to create a post with more user engagement?

I am not a good writer so it’s a tough question for me but I can say if you write the post in a way that you are actually talking to you readers then it will be very engaging. Read :  How to write quality blog posts?

8.    What are your starting problems in blogging? Regarding traffic, publicity of website?

I didn’t have any issues in blogging as I was not aware about most of the blogging stuffs and also I didn’t care about traffic. I was just keep on learning and later I came to know the significance of traffic and all but till that time enough traffic was already coming on TTW so there was no problem initially.

9.    Could you tell us best way to earn money online for new blogs? Please reveal some known and easy ways that surely help new bloggers to have some pocket money other  adsense?

Sponsored reviews and posts are the best ways to earn money online but for that you should have a good blog with good PR, DA and Alexa as well as fair amount of traffic.

There are many marketplaces like sponsored reviews, postjoint and all where you can add your and get genuine advertisers.
Apart from this, affiliate marketing is great if it is done correctly. The problem with affiliate marketing is it needs huge targeted traffic on the blog in order to earn well.

10. Which mistake made you gain more knowledge ( biggest mistake in blogging)?

I do mistakes daily and learn from them but I don’t remember any particular one. But yes I want to suggest one thing, never leave your blog stagnant for long. Even if you are going for holidays, schedule posts so that your blog will be getting updated regularly.

11. How to implement on page seo in a blog posts?

There are many things you should keep in mind while writing the post. These tips would surely increase more your blog traffic which are as:-
1.    Meta title should have 1 of your keyword included in it.
2.    Meta title should not be more than 65 characters(space included).
3.    Write a good Meta description (165 characters) for your post.
4.    Make proper use of H1, H2 Tags throughout the post.
5.    Keep keyword density lower than 2%
6.    Make better use of interlinking.
7.    Don’t forget to make main words or phrases Bold, Italic and Underline.
8.    Always use your main keyword in the first and last paragraph.
9.    Use images in the post. Always use images with some name or keywords. Don’t keep 1.jpg or 123a.jpg. Also use alt for every image. you can read more about alt text here

12. Best recommended off page seo techniques ( all time )?

There are many traditional off page Seo techniques but all seems not working well. Always do great onsite SEO with your content. For off page guest blogging is good. Direct SEO is not working well hence always try to do something which makes people mention you in their posts.

As the era of link building has been gone and link earning era has been started.

13. Could you reveal your income per month from all blogs you own? Which month paid you more and source of highest income all time?

Blogging income is not consistent. Sometimes I earn very well sometimes less. I don’t share monthly revenue on my blog. Year end months are very good till now. I am still not earning very well as I still give 1-2 hours daily only. Highest earning is around 2200 USD.

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14.  Any future plans regarding blogging? Do you take it as permanent job?

Yes, I am planning to make blogging and some other online works as my full time career. Lets see when I will be able to achieve the same.

15.  You are good at helping other without asking money. We love that. Any inspirational quotes regarding helping people in blogging?

As I said I am not a good writer hence no quotes are there to write here but I would like to say “help as much as you can”. That help, helps you in return.

16.  Could please suggest me and my readers regarding any advanced tips on traffic, money making and relation building?

  • Focus on creating great content
  • Share them to right audience
  • Make better use of long tail keywords
  • Always make 10 comments on commentluv blogs just after you post an article on your blog.
  • Always install and analyze your blog’s Analytics and understand the traffic pattern. Then write the posts accordingly.
  • Money making ideas I have shared above already but if you want more then read here.
  • To build better relationship with everyone, help them always. Also keep sharing their content, Keep replying to their comments and all.

Thanks Atish brother, you are the man, simply awesome.  And do you know guys, Atish brother has recently married, hope is going to have a bright future. Probably your interview was great and thanks for your tips to increase blog traffic, SEO Tricks and money making.

Article By Tharun

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  1. says

    Hats off to your clear and exact answers Atish 🙂

    While reading the questions of Tharun, i would guess what will be your answers. Because am familiar with your style of blogging and the way you taught me the imperative blogging stuffs.

    Your answer for the question 11th “How to implement seo in blog post” is really perfect, and even the newbies can understand the concept of SEO as well.

    Am reading your every interview and I learned some new useful things from you.

    I just wanna say that I gained some good reputation in blogging because of your support and guidance.

    Thanks for giving answers as short and sweet, I wish you to reach a good level of success in blogging and will support your blog always 😛

    @ tharun

    I appreciate your work and suggest you learn some essential blogging stuffs 🙂

    • says

      That was nice words for Atish brother and to me. Thanks for your valuable comment madam. Really Atish brother gave me some good tips on advantages of SEO and how to implement it. Hope you would surely be back to my blog.


    • says

      Hey Reginald brother,
      That was nice to see you in my blog. First, I welcome you. As per Atish, you could see how smart he answered my questions.

      Hope you would be back to my blog for further coming posts. Thanks.

  2. Kuldeep says

    That’s really an inspirational interview, Atish is one of my favorite blogger.
    He is doing great work in the field of blogging. Thanks for sharing your tips with us 🙂

    • says

      Thanks Atish Brother, for spending your time with us and give us the more useful tips that helps to increase blog traffic with on page seo optimization and traffic generation tricks.

  3. says

    I don’t have any words to say anything about Atish bhai..
    Everyone knows what he is for me.. 🙂
    Nothing to say new..
    It’s always a Pleasure to read more and more about Atish bhai..
    I’m Glad This Great guy is my bro and I respect him.
    Thank you so much bhai to be a Part of my life.. 🙂
    God Bless you..!!

    Thanks Tharun for Conducting Bhai’s Interview.. 🙂
    All the Best !!
    Happy Blogging..!! 🙂

    • says

      Hi Shaily,
      Yes. Atish brother a good and professional blogger. I want to take his interview and it is done. Thanks for your visit and comment. Hope you would be back again.

  4. says

    Hi Tharun/Atish,

    I know Atish from last six months, I heard so many good things about Atish from fellow bloggers, especially Nirmala mentions his name everywhere if we ask her who is her favourite bloggers, winning people’s heart is not an easy task but Atish proved that we can earn people’s heart if we help them when they need help.

    Thanks for giving this opportunity which allowed to know more about Atish, see you soon with another article.

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