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Today we have Jitendra Vaswani from BloggersIdeas A new blog with good alexa ranking and good country level rank is maintained by him. So I thought to take his valuable interview after Mohammed Yaqoo and now he is with us sharing his personal life experience and telling his best social bookmarking sites to drive huge traffic to our blog. I hope you use his tips well and do good in blogging.

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Ok let’s being of our interview and grab his knowledge from him.

1.   Please introduce you to my blog readers? Explain who are you apart from blogging life?

Hello I am Jitendra Vaswani from pune. I am basically from Jaipur , Rajasthan. I have engineering in IT branch 2012. I started my career working as a SEO . I never have the interest in coding . So I left this field and join SEO. I am happy with my job till now & in future I will be SEO consultant . I will help people to drive traffic to their website. So they earn maximum revenues from their online business. I work in a eCommerce company as a SEO specialism so I have a common niche ot my blogging also. I love blogging and always love to try something new & exciting.

2.    Please define terms “blogging” and “money making from a blog” your experience on them?

Actually Blogging is a very creative thing to do  and for me blogging is passion. I enjoy blogging and learned form other top bloggers daily. I ready top blogs to increase knowledge in SEO & Blogging. Making money from blog is a secondary option for me. I haven’t started my blog for money only. I want to learn & grown from blogging.

3.    What’s your thoughts on How did you settle for this domain name?

Bloggersideas domain came to my mind when i was searching for domain related to blogging, so i thought bloggers ideas would be a cool name for blogging. So i choose that domain and I am pretty happy with it. .

4.    How many days you have been blogging? What do you feel about blogging?

I am blogging from 1.2 years , earlier I was having free wordpress blog named from that blog i have learned wordpress and link building. For me it was good , as i was newbie in blogging. This wordpress free blog got famous and alexa was under 200k under 6o days. :). Then I shifted to self hosted domian.

5.    What are your tips on traffic generation? Please reveal some must use techniques to get more traffic to new blogs?

According to my Google Analytics, about 35% of my traffic comes from other people’s blogs and 25% comes from the forums I’m active with, while search engines provide about 15%. I post comments on other blogs that are related to mine, and I post my site link in my signature at the forums.  Create a new design for your website. Not only will it be more attractive to your regular readers, but you can submit it to some CSS gallery showcase sites that feature great designs. This will give you exposure on those sites while generating a lot of traffic and backlinks from those types of site . Post 2 times a day if possible. Use best ping services like pingomatic or setting up wordpress to ping some of the ping services. Engage your readers. Put up polls, ask them questions, give them quiz’s, free tools, etc. Make them want to come back and tell their friends about you.

6.    How to get prepared for next google updates and stay safe?

Just never do spam & try to follow Google updates strictly. Never go against google policies. Never involve yourself into ghost spam networks.

7.    What is secret of your success? Followed by your inspirational person?

My secret of success is to learn from other bloggers & webmaster around internet marketing world. I share my posts on social media sites like facebook, stumbleupon, twitter & others.
I follow Neil Patel who have mind boggling blog about SEO, i read his posts. I admire that guy and follow him. He is expert in SEO & my mentor too. Although there are many people who inspires me.

8.    How did you manage to continue in blogging, when you felt to give up?

I just keep on doing my best ,Ii share my thoughts & views among my readers. I share best tactics i know in blogging & SEO. I never felt to give up blogging. I come from office around 7.30, then I go to GYM & after 9 pm I start my blog work & other work.

9.    Could you tell us best way to earn money online even for new blogs?

To earn online money you need to have great quality of content. Content is king in SEO, without it nobody will visit your blog. Try to have good posts with detail descriptions. Share your best tactics in it and I am sure you will be successful soon. Affiliate marketing, google adsense, paid guest posts & sponsored link are other ways to earn from blog.

10.    Which social sharing sites your prefer and how to get more traffic from them?

I use many sites for sharing my content. Because social media is very important in blogging & SEO. Without social media blog can’t survive.
Facebook, stumbleupon, tumblr, twitter, blokube, reddit, digg, diigo, bizsugar,, google+, quora, Yahoo answers & other social sites.

11.    Best recommended off page seo techniques?

Blog commenting
Forum commenting
Directory Submission
Social bookmarking
Article writing
Blog writing
Guest blogging
Creative activities like infographics, PPT, Image submission, PDF , Video creation.
Article submission
Classifieds submission
Citations(Business listing)
Profile linking (Web 2.0 pages links)
RSS submission
Social Media Sharing
Social Media Optimization(SMO)
Questions & answers Activities
Competitor analysis
Local listing
Branding with the help of SEO & SMO


12.    How to attract new bloggers to new blog as you did regarding traffic?

Share great content with bloggers and maintain good relationship with them. I am sure they will come to your blog for sure. Take feedback & suggestion from people around you. Respect newbies and teach them how to became successful blogger.

13.    Any future plans regarding blogging?

I am happy to be a part time blogger. I want to work in Big MNC’s as SEO & digital marketing consultant. Blogging is my passion & I will never leave it. I will keep on learning with blogging.

14.    Could please suggest me and my readers regarding any advanced tips?

Be open – in a world of increasing choices and decreasing trust, openness wins (it needs to be extremely open to be genuine). Measure what matters, but more importantly: do what matters.

Thanks for providing some best ways to get traffic to our blog with your best social bookmarking sites and Off page SEO Techniques. We wish you to have a great future. If you have questions and queries drop a comment.

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