Exclusive Interview of Mohammed Yaqoob ( bloggeryard.com )

On our journey with success pro blogger interviews, today the young and inspirational blogger named Mohammed Yaqoob from Blogger Yard is with us, sharing his blogging experience, success ways to earn money from blog and revealing importance of on page seo tactics.

Interview with Mahammed Yaqoob ( bloggeryard )
Interview with Mahammed Yaqoob ( bloggeryard )

1. Please introduce your self to my blog readers?

Hi Tharun, Thanks for giving me this awesome opportunity to share my little thoughts and knowledge with you and your lovely readers.
This is Mohammed Yaqoob, A 15 years old young addicted blogger, web designer and tech geek and student of 1st year class who has been blogging on Blogger Yard where people can get blogger tricks, newbies guide, blogging tips, search engine optimization guides, make money, widgets and templates.

2. Why you entered into blogging why not any other?

Those were the days of 9th class when I was getting creative ideas about computers and internet day by day. Just as one of idea I got that how do people make their own websites! I started exploring about that and in some days, I found Blogger.com which is also known as Google blogger because it is owned by Google.
At that time, I didn’t even know that how can we use Blogger and simply I created the subdomain blog which was being called “Website” by me because I was totally aware of the difference between Blog and Website.

Well, As the days were passing, slowly slowly I learnt many things about Blogger by searching in Google and also from Blogger’s official blog Blogger Buzz.
So, entering into the blogging world was just my interest and finding the answers of my questions which I was getting after being a internet user. And everyone can be Blogger just a person needs patient, time, hard work, a bit investment [no more than $10] and passion to learn new things.

3. How many days you have been blogging? What do you feel about blogging?

I can’t tell you the exact number of days but as a rough calculation, It has been between 1.5 years to 2 years. In the beginning, I had created blog which was about games and softwares for free download and that was all illegal and copied content. Those were cracked versions and you guys know that Google hates that kind of blogs and their owners. No doubt, I didn’t get any success from it but at least I earned $33.16 dollars from it which was my first ever online income.
That was reasons why blog is deleted by Blogger’s automated classification system, the reason was having copied content by which I got many DMCA complaints and simply that was deleted. After that, I created another blog which was about technology and it was also unsuccessful.
After two unsuccessful blogs, I got passion to be successful blogger. Here, I did alot of hard work to learn the real blogging, web design, creating content, doing SEO and many more. That all the process, I was doing on Blogger Yard and Thanks to Allah it is successful now.
At this stage, I’m feeling happy to reach here. Blogging is just easy if you choose the proper niche of your blog.


4. How to maintain good traffic from search engines and social media?

In order to gain good traffic from search engines, you need to do on-page SEO of your blog which is more important than off-page SEO. Do the proper keyword research and get low competition keyword to target. If you’ve a new blog and target the high competitive keyword then you’re not going to get good position in SERP because there maybe high authority and high PR blogs which are having good positions. In order to bet them, you also need to build your domain authority and page rank first and do hard work to replace them with yourself.

Let’s take a simple example, As there are stages of classes in schools like First, Second, Third, Fourth and till 12th. In these classes, we learn things which are appropriate for us in which we consider age and current knowledge of previous passed classes. Simply, there are made to learn things step by step or from lowest to highest and this same thing is here in SEO. We need to start from bottom and go up to top as more as you can.
For social media traffic, I use to socialize my posts on several sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg and Scoop.it. Just sharing the content on social sites is important, if you’re sharing on Facebook page then you needs likes or fans for it. For twitter, you need followers for it. Yeah! If it is a community or group then it’s better to share there. Mostly, I focus on search engine traffic because it has more benefit than social media traffic. Once if you target any keyword, then you can get long term traffic from there and social media is just for the instant traffic which doesn’t remain longer.

5. Best traffic generation sources to Blogger Yard?

As you already know that, Mostly I focus on organic search traffic then 60% traffic of Blogger Yard is coming from search engines so I’ll call it as best traffic generation source of Blogger Yard.

6. Could tell which social media sites give huge traffic to our blog? And also tell us how to use them effectively?

In my opinion, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbeUpon are best because these are the most popular sites these days and they can give us huge traffic if we use them effectively. In order to drive traffic from these sites, we need to share our blog posts in any public place where a lot of people should be active like Groups, Fan Pages, Communities. We can also share on our own walls at Facebook if we’ve good number of friends but those friends should also be interested in the niche of our blog otherwise no one is going to visit us. Do the same for Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon. There you also need followers, friends or fans.

7. What is secret of your success? Followed by your inspirational persons?

I don’t think there is any secret behind my success but the truth is that, I followed the things correctly as I had learn from pro bloggers. My favorite blogs were MyBloggerTricks and OnlineUstaad. I usually visited them and read the articles given there. Along with this, I did hard work to create content, doing SEO and more.

8. What are your starting problems in blogging? Regarding traffic, publicity of website?

I faced many problem in the initial days of my blogging career. First of all, I had choosen the wrong niche for my blog and I also copied or violated others content which is probably done by every blogger in beginning. Slowly slowly I learnt that it is not fine, I need to write my own content and for that, I started writing my own articles. In the beginning, I was writing between 50 to 100 words article but as the time was passing my interest my increasing in this.

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Secondly, I was unable to get the custom domain name for my blog so I used free subdomain on old blogs. After earning $33.16 dollars from my first softwares and games blog, I bought domain name from that money and started new blog.

9. Could you tell us best way to earn money online even for new blogs? Please reveal some known and easy ways that surely help new bloggers to have some pocket money including adsense?

Well, If someone wants to earn money through a blog then he/she needs to make a better blog which may really generate money. In the first six months of the career, we need to build our blog by creating awesome and unique content and driving good number of traffic. I recommend to mostly focus on organic traffic because it is better than all, will remain long time and helps to get approval from big ad network companies like AdSense and BuySellAds.

After six months, when you’ve built your blog with at least 1000+ daily visits [50% should be organic] then you can earn from your blog. Google AdSense and BuySellAds are one of the most popular and recommended network to earn with blogs. So, here we’ve to apply for them both and once if we got approval then have a good earnings! If you don’t want to go for blogging to make money then I recommend you to read one of my longest article on how can we make money online on the internet. Read Here

10. Best recommended off page seo techniques ( all time )?

Making backlinks and promoting our posts on several social networking sites are the best recommended off page SEO tactics which I also do to increase the organic and social traffic. We should do these both things everyday and they will surely bring sweat juice in the form of better traffic of our blog.

11. Do you participate in forms? If yes, please give list them and how to get backlinks from them?

I do not join or participate in any forms because of time but it is better to participate in relevant forms which should be related to our blog’s niche. We can make backlinks through posting and helping others in forums which is even better for our blog but remember, the niche of the forum should be related to our blog.

12. Is there any hidden tricks to get quality backlinks other than blog commenting and guest posting?

There are many ways to build quality backlinks for our blog but other than commenting and guest posting, there are two method which you may already know. First one is participating in “Yahoo Answers“. It is a community where people ask questions and get answers for their question. In simple words, it is helping each others community. In order to get backlinks from there, we need to put our blog link in signature and try to answer the questions which should be related to our blog’s niche. Yahoo Answers has high page rank which will give us good benefit.
Secondly, We can get backlinks from YouTube by uploading videos there. If we create some creative videos which can be related to our blog’s niche, upload it to your YouTube channel and place a link of your blog in description as a credit link then we’ll surely get YouTube backlink. YouTube has page rank 9 and it can bring good benefit to our blog.

13. What are your earning sources and could you please reveal your total earnings?

Currently, I’m earning with my blog by displaying several kind of ads on my blog and the second source is web design. So, people hire me to fix their bugs, design their webs and also blogger templates. About the earnings, I don’t feel it is perfect but I’m trying my best to make it better. I will surely reveal the earnings and traffic stats in future on my blog.

14. Any future plans regarding blogging?

Yes! I have many future plans regarding blogging and INSHA ALLAH I will complete them as soon as time allows. I’m going to open web designing service for webmaster which will be released and there are also some other mega projects which I don’t want to reveal currently. When the time will come, we’ll reveal them on Blogger Yard.

15. Could you please suggest me and my readers regarding any advanced tips on traffic, money making and relation building?

I will surely give you some tips and suggestions to you guys which will help you to be successful blogger. I’m not going into the deep so just overview in enough. First of all, take a look on your blog. I’m talking about it’s content, design and discussions in the comments. Content is important than all others. You should try to provide the most unique content on your blog which should be seen before on other blogs. Also take look on most popular pro bloggers like ProBlogger.net and check it’s content. You will not see that kind of content any other place before. Content doesn’t only help you build better blog but it helps you to drive readers and traffic on your blog. You might have seen such blogs which are having less content but good traffic, what’s the secret behind them? Nothing else, just it is quality and unique content. Work hard, do research for content and publish it on your blog. After content you also need to look for the design of your blog but design doesn’t matter mostly.


After that try to learn the search engine optimization clearly and yes, if the content is best then SEO is nothing. You can search for the SEO tutorials either free or paid but they should be easy to understand and may not contain Black Hat SEO tricks. After learning proper SEO, optimize your blog carefully and target some good keywords which may help you get good traffic.

Once you’ve good number of posts/content on your blog which are unique and also traffic which can be near to 1000 visitors then you can easily monetize your blog with Google AdSense and BuySellAds. But, before applying for these networks, you should read their policies, terms and conditions and make sure your site is complying with them then apply that. After getting approval, you’re free to make money with your blog.


Thanks Mohammed Yaqoob brother for spending your valuable time here and giving us the important of money making online, success steps to be taken in blogging and revealing secrets ways to generate backlinks. I really felt like reading a text book for new blogger regarding blogging. My readers, there are some good pro blogger all over world in my list and some already submitted their interviews. They are ready to publish in upcoming post so like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get noticed for upcoming pro blogger interviews. If you have any questions regarding SEO, Link Buidling ask in comments.

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